MARCH 2016


Cell signaling isn’t static… your cell culture shouldn’t be either

Complex cell culture systems are emerging as key tools to improve physiological relevance of in vitro assay systems. Up to date, there have been two main ways by which investigators attempt to improve mimicking of physiological conditions in cell and tissue culture. 

In this post, Jean-François takes a look at the the new SciFlow™ dynamic culture system, which enables incorporation of physiological fluid flow in tissue culture assay systems for improving the physiological relevance of cell culture assays. ....

Take a look at Multiwell Cascading Fluidics Cell Culture

Which are the best CRISPR-CAS9 strategies?

The CRISPR-CAS9 system may well have opened Pandora’'s box, but it is also definitely the cornucopia of genome editing. We can do what we want in the genome: settle a mutation, correct a mutation, insert a fluorescent tag to a protein, add an exogenous gene, delete an endogenous function, suppress a cis-regulatory region, add a reporter…. The main challenge is to define a good strategy, taking in account the specifics of the project and being aware of the corresponding limitations. In this overview, our expert Dimitri focuses on the biotechnology and the concerns of the end-users from a practical point of view.

Download your Guide to choosing the best strategies for CRIPSR-Cas9


Genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors for live cell discovery

In drug discovery screening campaigns as well as in fundamental research activities, cellular parameters have to be measured and monitored in living cells regularly. Often, fluorescent dyes are used to detect and follow some of the parameters. These methods are powerful, especially in screening large numbers of compounds, but have their limitations.
To overcome this and especially look into GPCR related signalling in the most comprehensive and detailed way currently possible, Montana Molecular have developed genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors to measure parameters such as cAMP, DAG, PIP2, Ca2+and voltage changes in living cells.

How do the assays work?


10% off alpha Tubulin & beta Actin antibodies

This month, we're putting two popular GeneTex antibodies in the spotlight:

  • alpha Tubulin antibody [GT114]
  • beta Actin antibody

Appreciated for their proven high level of quality and reliability, take a look at some of the results obtained by other researchers.

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Essential for cell bio-printing: fully control your hydrogel

Cell encapsidation and bio-printing are promising experimental approaches for miniaturized 3D-cell cultures. These cell-based assays cover a wide range of applications. But which biomaterial can one use to obtain reliable functional cell-based assays? How can you get biologically relevant data? Which critical properties should the biomaterial have for optimal bioprinting?...[ Read more... ]

Targeting of A2aR by caffeine and anti-tumor immunity

Following our series of posts on tumour immunity, Ana would like to mention here an article published by researchers from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel). The authors investigated the negative correlation between caffeine consumption and incidence of tumours. Or to say it more simply, intake of caffeine favours the immune system fighting tumours....[ Read more... ]


The sensitivity and specificity of the primary and secondary antibodies used together with the IHC procedure used, are critical to avoid biased results. Several factors can cause false-positive or false-negative data, so they should all be verified as much as possible for each experimental set-up. 

Let's look at 3 tips to improve your IHC data

When preparing a protocol for Western blotting phosphorylated proteins, a few essential points should be taken into consideration to obtain accurate immunoblotting results. Your regular WB protocol, such as the WB protocol edited by tebu-bio’s antibody users, can be fine-tuned according to this “key” post-translational protein modification. 

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tebu-bio's experts will be at in-cosmetics in Paris, France from April 12th to 14th

This meeting is the first international event dedicated to the ingredients related to beauty. The exhibition brings together over 700 exhibitors of ingredients, fragrances, lab equipment, testing and regulatory solutions with over 9 000 cosmetic manufacturers worldwide.

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