February 2016


Eotaxin-1 as a biomarker of prostate cancer

Prostate Specific Antigen is the biomarker of choice for the diagnosis and follow up of patients with Prostate Cancer. However, even if it has been used for quite some time now, it is not very specific and its levels may be high for other physiological situations, not only for cancer. Therefore, the need for more specific biomarkers for correct management of this kind of patient is mandatory. A recent publication suggests that Eotaxin-1 could be a more specific biomarker.

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Wnt pathway & new promising for therapeutical candidates

The Wnt cell signalling pathway is a high-potential therapeutical target in cancer research. It’'s deeply linked to cellular fate through modulating cell proliferation, mobility, interaction, and polarity. Wnt is not only a key player in the embryonic development but also in the homeostasis, and remodeling of adult tissues (heart, bone, neural tube, angiogenesis…) via somatic stem cell modulations and stem cell self-renewal. Abnormal Wnt signaling events are seen in various types of human carcinomas and in a variety of other cancer types.

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Find your stem cell Antibody Array

For some years now, antibody arrays have been available to study markers in various areas like Immunology, Atherosclerosis, Inflammation, Angiogenesis, Immunoediting and even signaling pathways. So far, however, and in spite of the growing demand by researchers working on stem cells, there were no antibody arrays for this area of research, meaning that individual Western Blots had to be performed.  A new antibody array is now available for the simultaneous detection and analysis of the relative protein expression levels of 15 stem cell markers.

5 reasons to use an Antibody array for your stem cell research


miRNA modulates immune response to Mycobacterium

The outcome of the interaction between Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) and a macrophage depends on the interplay between host defense and bacterial immune subversion mechanisms. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) critically regulate several host defense pathways, but their role in the Mtb-macrophage interplay remains unclear.
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Screen for inhibitors of PD-1 signalling

Therapeutic manipulation of immunopathways has led to promising clinical results for the treatment of a number of diseases, with the first therapeutic antibodies now brought to the market and approved for treatment of diverse cancer types. In this post, our specialist reviews a versatile tool to screen for activators or inhibitors of PD-1 signaling, or characterize biological activity of PD-1, and its interaction with ligands... [ Read more... ]


Antibody-based techniques are widely used in Life Science laboratories. Antibody purification is often required to raise purity yield of antibody production batches or to reach publication-grade data. In this post, Ana gives you some useful technical tips and troubleshooting points to optimize your experimental conditions.  

Improve your antibody purification

Early in 2015, researchers of The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute have shown a very sensible approach to the discovery of new biomarkers associated to transition from non-metastatic tumours to metastatic tumours in osteosarcoma.

They found that the uPA/uPAR axis is crucial for this, and can be used as a prognostic biomarker. In fact, inhibition of this axis can inhibit the metastasis in this type of tumours.

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