May 2014  

News Highlight

What makes EZH2 a valuable druggable target?

Multiple lines of evidence make EZH2 a valuable target for drug discovery studies due to its implication in epigenetics, as well as interaction with intracellular protein partners (including histones):

  • Abnormal EZH2 expression in various types of cancer (breast, prostate, endometrial cancers…)
  • EZH2 mutations (Tyr641, Ala677 or Ala687) associated
    with non-Hodgkins lymphomas and leukemias
  • EZH2 gene alterations leading to reduced methylation activity (Tyr153 deletion, His689 and Pro132 mutations)...

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Mutant or wild-type: 7 effective means to screen and profile Human EZH2 Methyltransferase

Product Focus

State of the art Ca2+ measurement

Get the ideal indicator for intracellular Ca2+ mobilization... Fluo-8!
This fluorescent dye is approximately twice as bright as Fluo-4 and four times brighter than Fluo-3. Cell loading can be conducted at room temperature, meaning under less harsh conditions than with Fluo-3 and Fluo-4 which require 37°C for optimal loading. Also, as especially HTS screening requires homogeneous assays, a no-wash protocol is available for Fluo-8.

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Browse our broad range of inhibitors & activators, and define or refine your search for your application fields, such as Epigenetics, Ubiquitination, ADME-Tox, DNA-repair, as well as for specific pathways like GPCR, ion channel, nuclear receptor linked modulators, NF-kB, hypoxia, PPAR,....


3 new ion channel modulators

  • Alpha-conotoxin GID
    Selectively blocks neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
  • Mu-conotoxin GIIB
    Blocks na-1.4 voltage-dependant sodium channels predominantly expressed in muscles
  • Phrixotoxin-2
    Specifically blocks recombinant Kv4.2 and
    Kv4.3 potassium channels

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Our well-established protein platforms based on E. coli and HEK293 are the ideal solution. While you move forward and concentrate on your research, our expert lab specialists prepare your purified proteins.

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Current News

PARP inhibitors are less synthetically lethal in hypoxic conditions

In recent work presented by tebu-bio during the “Experimental and Molecular Therapeutics” poster sessions at the AACR 2014, Claudine Kiéda’s and Nadia Normand’s teams demonstrated that PARP inhibitors are less synthetically lethal in hypoxic conditions with increased IC50 and survival percentage at higher concentrations.

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For Human Stem Cell & CNS research:
XCell Science

Introducing a collection of isogenic knock-out iPSC lines mimicking genetic defects identified in CNS disorders, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, autism, schizophrenia and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Soon available from tebu-bio, don't wait to learn more about these high-quality neural cell derivatives for your R&D and drug discovery approaches...

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Technical Corner

From the Biomolecules experts...

tebu-bio's experts have chosen Focus Biomolecules for their large and constantly growing catalogue of bioactive small molecules, produced by experienced scientists with a user-oriented approach.


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