Ubiquitin Focus

February 2016


New substrates for reliable DUB inhibitor screenings & kinetic studies

Deubiquitylating enzymes (DUBs) are promising therapeutical targets, especially in oncology. Recently, internally-quenched fluorescent diubiquitins have been developed. These so called IQF-diubiquitins consist of two ubiquitins singly labeled with a fluorophore and a fluorescent quencher. 

Selectively screen your DUB inhibitors!

A Chain Selective TUBE, Anti-M1 (Linear)

Linear polyubiquitination represents an atypical post-translational modification, which is catalyzed by the enzyme complex LUBAC. To specifically detect this modification, LifeSensors have developed a tool to detect linearly linked ubiquitin chains, rather than ubiquitins linked through isopeptide bonds.

Learn more about this selective TUBE


Deubiquitylating enzymes (DUBs) as pharmaceutical targets

While it is likely that all Ubiquitin-Like proteins (UBLs) will be important for drug discovery, Ubiquitin is the most completely validated for this purpose by genetic, biological, and biochemical evidence. The enzymes of the Ubiquitin pathway are emerging as pioneering drug targets for many therapeutic areas.

Discover a comprehensive portfolio of active DUBs

Differentiate between K48- and K63-specific Ubiquitination

LifeSensors have launched a tool specifically for K48 polyUb chains on target proteins. This tool perfectly complements their K63 polyUb specific tool which has been popular on the market for quite a while.

With both these detection tools you now have the possibility to differentiate between the most prominent linkage types K63 and K48.

Take a look at results with K63 and K48 specific TUBEs


Ubiquitin ligase assay kits now flexible

A ready-to-use E3 ligase activity enzymatic assay, the E3LITE kit, has been recently released enabling researchers to screen for E3 enzyme inhibitors and potentially new therapeutical drugs. What’s it for and why is it of interest? [ Read more ]

Meeting: EpiCypher 2016 - April 20-23, 2016

EpiCypher will be hosting a conference in April 2016 "Biological and Clinical Frontiers in Epigenetics". This unique 4-day conference will focus on the recent breakthroughs in epigenetics and chromatin research. [ Make a note of the date ]

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