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January 2016


3 ways to source your cellular models

Access & select from one of the largest commercial sources of human tissue world-wide:

  • Human tissues
  • Primary cells
  • DNA, RNA samples...

With the added choice of healthy or diseased-state donors...

Choose the best source for your human tissue samples
See how you can concentrate on your research, while we source your samples!
Mimic Human pulmonary function - Large Airway Epithelial Cells in culture

Mimic human pulmonary function in vitro

If you’re studying human pulmonary function and pathophysiology, you need access to validated, highly characterised, human airway cellular models. A large collection of these cells is available for applications in asthma, inhalation toxicology and pulmonary inflammatory response. 

Take a closer look at this selection of pulmonary cell types

Cryopreserved Leukopaks:
A solution for Cell Therapy Logistics?

Human cells are critical raw materials for research and manufacturing of cell therapy products. However, access to freshly procured cells can be limited, creating a crucial need for a suitable alternative to fresh cells that are viable and functional — especially when transporting materials globally.

Compare data - fresh vs. cryopreserved Leukopaks

Easily access Human Pancreatic Islets

Get freshly isolated Human Pancreatic Islets for your research... with our alert system, our experts will notify you as soon as new characterised batches are regularly released. With approximately 3 donors a month, one T2D every other month, you'll be sure to find the ones you need.  

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The islets you will receive are derived from organs refused for transplantation and acquired by Organ Procurement Organizations. They are Quality Controlled and validated for GSIR assays. 


tebu-bio & HemaCare webinar - Join us!

Cryopreserved Leukopaks Maintain Cell Viability and Functionality:
A Solution for Cell Therapy Logistics.

On January 19th, Wenshi Wang from HemaCare will present the results from an experiment investigating whether cryopreserved leukapheresis materials can be a viable and functional solution. [ Register here ]

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