10 most popular antibodies in neurobiology

The choice of antibodies for neurobiology studies is crucial. With the help of our partner Genetex, here’s a selection of the most popular antibodies for neurobiology used by researchers all over the world.....

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Get your ELISA results before mid-morning coffee!

Believe it or not, some 20 years ago, performing an ELISA would take around 3 days. Now we are used to ELISAs that can be performed in one day, or even before lunch! Fast ELISAs are a new step forward. By performing one washing step only, and through optimised protocols, results can be achieved in around 2.5 hours!

Discover the benefits of these fast ELISA kits


Blood pressure drug to prevent epilepsy

The FDA-approved drug Losartan is used to treat high blood pressure. By preventing the blood vessels from narrowing, it improves blood flow reducing hypertension. Losartan is also used to reduce kidney damage in type 2 diabetes patients with high blood pressure. It is now considered an attractive therapeutical solution to prevent epilepsy associated with vascular injury.

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Versatile measurement of protein binding to microtubules

You suspect your protein binds to microtubules? That it might stabilize or destabilize these filamentous structures? Then this post is here to help you to find a meaningful assay to validate your assumption.

Measure microtuble binding capabilities of proteins of interest


How to assess Histone antibody specificity and quality

The specificity of antibodies to histone modifications is crucial for obtaining meaningful experimental data. Cross-reactivity to similar modifications at other residues or off-target recognition of other modification isoforms can seriously compromise the integrity of any study using these types of reagents. Rothbart and colleagues have used a unique quantitative histone peptide array to investigate the specificity of more than 100 commercially available histone modification antibodies, raised against 43 unique modifications at 33 distinct residues... [ Read more ]

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Based on our in-house experience, we’ve compiled a guide aimed at helping you in your choice of the “ideal” engineered bacterial strain for efficient recombinant proteins expression.

You’ll find useful information for selecting the reliable strains suited to your downstream applications, with characteristics (quality, biological activity, folding…).

Which bacterial strains for recombinant protein expression?

Today, we would like to give some tips & tricks on how to select an antibody… by reading its datasheet.

Obvious as it may seem, the datasheet is in fact contractual. It states the characteristics and guaranteed performance of a given product in general, or an antibody in particular. So it should be read carefully before taking a purchasing decision. No matter if you saw a great antibody detecting protein X in polar bear in some publication, if polar bear is not one of the validated species in the datasheet...

What the datasheet of an antibody really means

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