Oncology Focus

November 2015


Angiogenin favours liver cancer (HCC) growth and expansion 

A publication earlier this year by Bárcena et al. shows that angiogenin plays a crucial role in the onset and development of liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma or HCC). 

Angiogenin was the first isolated tumor-derived protein with in vivo angiogenic activity, featuring a ribonuclease activity that stimulates ribosomal RNA (rRNA) transcription and cell proliferation. Increased angiogenin serum levels have been associated with the incidence and severity of several human tumors, including HCC.

Which array to study the role of Angiogenin in liver cancer?


DNA repair responses to PARP1

In collaboration with the MD Anderson Cancer Center, a highly specific toolkit has been developed and validated to analyse PARP1 in a panel of control and siRNA knockdown cell lysates by multiple immunoassays. This toolkit can specifically and quantitatively distinguish PARP1 from 17 other PARP family members using highly specific antibodies and optimised methods....

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The hunt for predictive biomarkers

Searching for predictive biomarkers lies in the heart of the concept of Personalised Medicine. Leaving aside some ethical aspects such as whether you want to know (or having other people knowing) your genetic disposition and/or the impact that your life style / environment will have in your future health (not to mention that these tools are still only accessible to a small percentage of the world’s population), we mention here some points that should be addressed if you want to start a study to find new predictive biomarkers...[ Read more ]

Biomarkers related to poor prognosis in pancreatic cancer

A recent publication by Torres et al. has found that B7-1/CD80, EG-VEGF/PK1, IL-29, NRG1-beta1/HRG1-beta1, and PD-ECGF expressions portend a poor prognosis for patients with pancreatic cancer, and these cytokines could represent novel therapeutic targets for this disease.... [ Read more... ]


10% discount off RayBiotech ELISA kits

tebu-bio's experts have chosen RayBiotech's ELISA kits for their high quality and characteristics. They are ideal for the quantitative measurement of biomarkers (cytokines, peptides, etc.) and validated for a variety of sample types from 11 different species. ISO-certified and rigorously tested, these ELISA kits are backed by a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee when running your tests in your lab and are also eligible for outsourcing activities in tebu-bio's laboratories!

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When producing recombinant proteins, one can follow the purification process either by antibodies detecting the target protein specifically, or by adding a tag to it, thus using antibodies detecting not the protein itself, but the tag. This allows to have a battery of anti-tag antibodies that can be used with any protein, rather than having dozens of protein-specific antibodies.

In this post, Ana looks at what makes a successful anti-tag antibody, and suggests a selection of widely used, tried & tested products.

Follow your proteins with the most popular anti-tag antibodies

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