Drug Discovery
Cancer Immunotherapy Focus

October 2015

The treatment of diseases by inducing, enhancing, or surpressing an immune response is referred to as Immunotherapy. 

Therapeutic manipulation of immunopathways has already lead to new anti cancer drugs. Research in this field is rapidly evolving as scientists seek to identify further next generation cancer therapies.

Take a look at a selection of posts by our specialists published on our blog Being Bioreactive, covering this domain, presented as the future of the fight against cancer. 

OX40:OX40L pathway

After a brief review of the role of this pathway in immune response, let’s take a look at some of the screening tools to investigate it for drug discovery applications. As the OX40:OX40L pathway is a “hot topic” in drug discovery, Ali especially presents a ready-to-use kit to screen for inhibitors of OX40 : OX40 ligand binding. [ Read more ]

Source: Nature

IDO and TDO – Cell based & biochemical assays

Which roles do IDO and TDO play in Immunotherapy? In this post, our specialist discusses the latest research on the complex mechanisms that enable cancer cells to evade the host’s immune system.[ Read more... ]

PBMCs & Drug Development 

Use of human samples in drug discovery, including peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), is critical for increasing the chances of success for small molecule screening hits.
In this post, Jean-François, our specialist, reviews this domain based on recently published data!
 [ Read more... ]

9 pathway-specific screening assays in Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is defined as the treatment of disease by inducing, enhancing, or suppressing an immune response. To enable researchers and drug discovery screeners to run their experiments with optimized high quality kits, many efforts in developing proteins, antibodies and ready-to-use kits have been made. In this post, Dr el Bayâ selects some of them.  [ Read more... ]

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