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October 2015

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Adverse long term heart effects due to pharmacological treatments

Nowadays, advances in medicine have allowed thousands, millions of lives to be saved. The possibility to treat most diseases has lead, in some cases, to overmedication. Side effects are not known, meaning that, to speak bluntly, taking one pill means that you have to take three more pills to compensate the side effects that the first pill is causing in your body. 

We also must take into account that long-term effects for some drugs are not fully understood.

See some examples in this post


STAT3 signaling effects on IL-15 derived dendritic cells

The role of STAT3 signaling in the activity of dendritic cells has been demonstrated by cytokine profiling using the Q-Plex technology.

Learn more about this discovery


p75 as a Biomarker for ALS / MND

The average life expectancy for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) sufferers following diagnosis is just 36 months. There is only one therapeutic option for patients, a Glutamate antagonist, riluzole, which offers a modest 3–6 month extension in survival. Objective biomarkers for ALS would facilitate the discovery of new treatments. Recent published work on p75NTR Neurotrophin Receptor has now added evidence for its use as a Biomarker for ALS/MND. ... [ Read more]

Secretome profiling – now quantitative!

For secretome biomarker profiling, several solutions, including arrays allowing to screen up to 1,000 factors, have been available for some time now. These profiling solutions, however, were semi-quantitative so far. Quantitative solutions were available for “only” up to 400 factors.
Recently, a new array allowing to quantify 640 human secretome factors has been released. This array is available as a product or you can have the array performed for you (tebu-bio’s laboratories)......[ Read more]


15% discount off RayBiotech ELISA kits

tebu-bio's experts have chosen RayBiotech's ELISA kits for their high quality and characteristics. They are ideal for the quantitative measurement of biomarkers (cytokines, peptides, etc.) and validated for a variety of sample types from 11 different species. ISO-certified and rigorously tested, these ELISA kits are backed by a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee when running your tests in your lab and are also eligible for outsourcing activities in tebu-bio's laboratories!

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In previous posts, our specialist Ana discussed whether samples should be pooled, how much (and if) they should be diluted, and how biologicals can affect the final results…and the biomarkers that you find.

Today, she discusses some cases where preparation of samples per se can affect the final outcome of your experiment. And for some markers, in a dramatic way...

How does sample preparation affect your biomarker studies?

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