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Two new enzymes available to replace TAP

After the discontinuation of Tobacco Acid Pyrophosphatase (TAP), the world's RNA biologists have been seeking a suitable alternative. In May, tebu-bio launched Decapping Pyrophosphohydrolase, a recombinant enzyme that converts 5′-capped and 5′-triphosphate RNA to 5′-monophosphate RNA (p-RNA) for oligo-capping or XRN1 exonuclease degradation. 

CellScript offers another alternative with Cap-Clip™ Acid Pyrophosphatase, a plant-derived enzyme that hydrolyzes various pyrophosphate bonds, heterogeneous nuclear RNAs and some viral RNAs.


Learn more about these two alternatives!

How to modulate ion channels

Ion channels play an important role in perception and transmission of pain sensations. Furthermore, dysfunctions of certain ion channels are involved in neuronal disorders, such as epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson'’s disease, schizophrenia, and many others. Mutations in ion channel genes have been linked to a wide varity of diseases like policystic kidney disease, cystic fibrosis, and total colour-blindness, to mention just a few.
This makes ion channels natural candidates for pharma R&D programs. In this post, we invite you to take a look at molecules which specifically block or activate ion channels of different classes.

Discover ion channel modulators available for in vitro assays


Intracellular Calcium measurement with Fluo-8

G Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCR) and ion channels are important targets in drug development. Both target classes represent membrane proteins which require convenient and robust cell based assays for screening campaigns. In GPCR cell based screenings, intracellular Calcium concentration is usually used as readout. The same is true for calcium ion channel screenings. Thus Ca2+ indicators are needed which meet the demanding expectations of researchers engaged in assay development and screenings.

Easily measure intracellular Calcium concentration


Open innovation in cosmetology at Cosmetic 360

The world’s leading perfumery cosmetics network, Cosmetic Valley, announces that its 2015 Cosmetic 360 Meeting will take place in Paris (October 15 – 16th, 2015).

As a member of this network, tebu-bio will be participating in this trade show focussed on open innovations. This congress is an excellent opportunity to review the recent innovative solutions designed by tebu-bio laboratories in the field of R&D and in vitro testings aimed at better understanding the mechanisms of action and further assessing the efficiency of ingredients... [ Read more... ]


Isolation of highly purified untagged proteins is crucial in today’s R&D programs. Up to now, recombinant protein production approaches were often based on the use of “tags” to make protein purification (and solubility) more convenient.
Unfortunately, these tags can be real experimental hurdles in downstream applications. Protein experts are now considering “tag-free” alternatives (including outsourcing) for producing untagged proteins more rapidly, more efficiently, and without jeopardizing the rest of the research project.

Let’s see how this is possible!

Microtubules are key components of the cytoskeletal structure of eukaryotic cells. Composed of alpha- and beta- tubulin sub-units, microtubules are dynamic entities with pivotal cellular roles (e.g. division and mitosis). Because of these unique characteristics, the first microtubule-based anti-cancer drugs have been described in the early 70’s. 

6 popular Microtubule agents for in vitro tubulin assays

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