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Adverse long term heart effects due to pharmacological treatments  

Nowadays, advances in medicine have allowed thousands, millions of lives to be saved. The possibility to treat most diseases has lead, in some cases, to overmedication. Side effects are not known, meaning that, to speak bluntly, taking one pill means that you have to take three more pills to compensate the side effects that the first pill is causing in your body. 

We also must take into account that long-term effects for some drugs are not fully understood. 

See some examples in this post


Extracellular matrix in cardiovascular diseases

Extracellular matrix (ECM) was previously considered as some kind of ‘glue’, sticking cells together to form tissues, but is now a major area of research in a number of diseases, including Cardiovascular Diseases . 

Main ECM proteins involved in Cardiovascular Diseases are, among others, elastins and collagen. Traditionally, collagen I has been the major player in the area, but recent publications show that collagen IV may also have a role. Autoantibodies against basement membrane collagen type IV may be associated with myocardial infarction (5).

Measure collagen with a new set of tools


Blood Urea Nitrogen assays – no ammonia interference!

The determination of serum blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is currently the most widely used screening test for the evaluation of kidney function. The test is frequently run along with the serum creatinine test, since the simultaneous determination of these two compounds appears to aid in the differential diagnosis of prerenal, renal and postrenal hyperuremia. However, not all types of BUN assays measure urea nitrogen accurately…... [ Read more ]

Pharma/biotech industry outsourcing trends in Biomarker studies

A recent article describes the growing trend in companies worldwide to outsource some of their key activities. Apart from those traditionally outsourced, analytical testing is on a growing trend, and estimations indicate that it will be the area of fastest growth for outsourcing.
At tebu-bio, we are well aware of this. In the post, our Biomarkers team share some trends... [ Read more... ]


DyLight™ will be your routine fluorescent dye

Rockland Immunochemicals have developed a suite of fluorescent dyes (DyLight™) with unique fluorescence intensity and photostability. In this post, our specialist shows you how DyLight™ dyes have all the characteristics and potential to become your daily fluorescent dye conjugates.

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One of the recurrent questions that we get at the Biomarkers team at tebu-bio is on what controls should be included in a given experiment. Either if the experiment is done by researchers in their lab, or if we collect their samples and perform the analysis in our lab, a good design starts by using the most convenient controls.

In this post, we will put our spotlight on the “technical” controls, i.e. those related to the technique itself...

3 tips regarding controls in the discovery of new biomarkers

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