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Cell-clock: measure the 4 major phases of cell cycle

The Cell Cycle is the whole series of steps which constitute and define the life of the cell. This cycle consists of several phases of  growth, when the cell grows and duplicates its genetic material (interphase), and one phase where the cell divides (mitosis or meiosis) to give rise to 2 identical daughter cells (for mitosis). Daughter cells reproduce this cycle and so on.

Cell cycle checkpoints control the process to ensure correct division of the cell.

How do you measure the major phases of the cell cycle in cells?

DyLight™ will be your routine fluorescent dye

Rockland Immunochemicals have developed a suite of fluorescent dyes (DyLight™) with unique fluorescence intensity and photostability. In this post, our specialist shows you how DyLight™ dyes have all the characteristics and potential to become your daily fluorescent dye conjugates.

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Alzheimer’s research is equally hope and frustration…

Few diseases stump researchers as much as Alzheimer’s disease. Quite simply, nothing has worked beyond some symptomatic relief. On top of that, scientists are still uncertain about what exactly causes the disease.
For example, are the characteristic beta-amyloid plaques in the brain a cause of Alzheimer’s disease — or a consequence?
Any promising results are welcome to a community used to setbacks

Might Cord Blood be a much-needed solution?


Click Chemistry: What it means for biologists

"A few months ago I read a very nice blog post from our friends at TriLink Biotechnologies giving the chemist’s perspective on the excitement surrounding “Click Chemistry” and how it can be used to make non-natural, yet functional DNA and RNA. Some of the terms in that post, such as 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition, are oriented more towards chemists... " [ Read more ... ]

Innovative solutions in cosmetology: Cosmetic 360

The world’s leading perfumery cosmetics network, Cosmetic Valley, announces that its 2015 Cosmetic-360 Meeting will take place in Paris (October 15 – 16th, 2015). As a member of this network, tebu-bio will be participating in this trade show which is focussed on open innovations this year... [ Read more... ]


Immuno-precipitation & Western Blots often suffer from heavy/light chain blotting, contamination, and ongoing interferences. This can prevent obtaining biologically-relevant data in a given experimental model, especially when the target of interest has a size similar to the IgG molecules that may remain. 

Getting rid of these “artificial” bands can be tricky. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the robustness of the TrueBlot® products for facing these issues... 

Clear best-quality in IP/WB data with TrueBlot technology


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