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Two new enzymes available to replace TAP

After the discontinuation of tobacco acid pyrophosphatase (TAP), the world's RNA biologists have been seeking a suitable alternative. In May, tebu-bio launched Decapping Pyrophosphohydrolase, a recombinant enzyme that converts 5′-capped and 5′-triphosphate RNA to 5′-monophosphate RNA (p-RNA) for oligo-capping or XRN1 exonuclease degradation. 

CellScript offers an other alternative with Cap-Clip™ Acid Pyrophosphatase, which is a plant-derived enzyme that hydrolyzes various pyrophosphate bonds, heterogeneous nuclear RNAs and some viral RNAs.

Learn more about these two alternatives!


CleanTag small RNA library kit with no Gel Purification

Next generation sequencing has quickly become the preferred method over tiling arrays for most genomics and transcriptomics needs. The major exception has been the study of microRNAs, where highly sensitive probe arrays such as the 3D-Gene® miRNA profiling platform are still widely used. A large part of the reason for the persistence of array dominance in small RNA expression profiling is caused by the variability introduced in sequencing library prep protocols involving complicated hands-on PAGE purification steps...

Remove the Gel Purification steps with our CleanTag small RNA library kit


When the patents on the SuperScript® II Reverse Transcriptase enzyme expired, a number of companies introduced their own version of the popular RT kit for cDNA synthesis.  In general the companies releasing alternatives to SuperScript® II RT aligned their pricing to be a bit less expensive then the popular Life Technologies kit.

On the contrary, EpiCentre (an Illumina company) has started taking an aggressive low price approach towards capturing the market, particularly on these products.

Save up to 70% by switching from SuperScript II to EpiScript



In vitro transcription has been a common protocol in RNA biology laboratories wishing to work directly with mRNA molecules to study phenomena such as mRNA translation. Commercially available kits have greatly facilitated the capping and polyadenylation and in vitro transcription of RNAs, but now there is another option: ordering chemically synthesized mRNAs.

Let chemically synthesized mRNAs become a reality for your research

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