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Cell Biology and Signalling
Focus on Actin Research


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Focus on Actin staining and visualization

Actin serves as one of the major cytoskeleton structures. It is a crucial component involved in a plethora of processes in cell biology: stabilizing the cell shape, cellular and intracellular movements and transport mechanisms... In cells, it is found in two forms: G-actin (monomeric soluble in aqueous solution) and F-actin (a polymer of G-actin).

In this post, Ali recommends some methods to visualize actin in fixed or living cells basic experimental set-ups in Cell Biology.

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Actin detection and Actin binding proteins

Actin exists in two forms: G-Actin and F-Actin. Actin-binding proteins are proteins that have the ability to bind to actin monomers, or polymers, or both. They allow the actin cytoskeleton to respond rapidly to cellular and extracellular signals and are involved in many cellular processes.

Measure the actin binding ability of your proteins of interest

Measuring actin polymerization

Polymerization of G-actin to form filamentous F-actin or de-polymerization of F-actin is a fundamental process in cell biology, as it is the basis of cellular and intracellular movements and transport mechanisms. G-actin polymerizes under physiological conditions to form F-actin with concomitant hydrolysis of ATP. Actin can polymerize from both ends in vitro but the rate of polymerization is not equal.

Measure polymerization of actin in your biochemical assays


G-F Actin ratio measured in cells

"The actin cytoskeleton is critical to many cellular functions, including the maintenance and regulation of cell shape, motility, intracellular communication, intracellular transport and the transduction of extracellular signals into the cell. Understanding the mechanisms that directly and indirectly regulate the actin cytoskeleton is an important area of research, and quantitation of the G-actin / F-actin ratio is a useful metric in helping define these mechanisms..."

What is the ratio between G actin and F actin in your cells?

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