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Oncology Focus


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miRNAs: potent biomarkers in cancer research?

A recent paper by Kojima, M. et al. has found a signature of eight miRNAs to identify patients with pancreato-biliary cancers who could benefit from surgical intervention.  This diagnostic index identified 18/21 operable pancreatic cancers and 38/48 operable biliary-tract cancers in the entire cohort.

It is difficult to detect pancreatic cancer or biliary-tract cancer at an early stage using current diagnostic technology.

 miRNAs: potent biomarkers in cancer research
New 3D gene profiling technology identifies miRNA expression level changes


Ensure top quality data through biomarker profiling & validation by experts

Phosphorylation studies with Antibody Arrays

As in the recent study mentioned in this article by Ana, one approach for cytokine profiling is to use arrays to detect multiple biomarkers in biological samples at the same time, followed by simplex quantification.

These experimental approaches also exist for phosphorylation studies, such as the RTK, EGFR, mTOR phospho-pathways...

Ensure top quality data through biomarker profiling & validation by experts


Genetic fingerprint of aggressive colon tumours

Researchers at the IRB in Barcelona have found a signature of 4-6 genes able to predict the aggressivity of colon tumours, by analysing the tissue surrounding the tumour cells... [ Read more ]

Genetic fingerprint of aggressive colon tumours
3 validated tools for ubiquitination studies

3 validated tools for ubiquitination studies

Elongation of ubiquitin chains, regardless of the linkage, can form polyubiquitin fibrils to initiate the Autophagy pathway. A deficiency of the autophagy causes cytotoxic accumulation of ubiquitin-positive aggregates leading thus to neurodegenerative diseases (1). A new deubiquitinating enzyme, USP36, highly expressed in human breast and lung cancers, was identified to regulate c-Myc oncoprotein stability in nucleolus... [ Read more... ]


Normalisation Assays in Biomarkers studies

Normalisation of quantitative assay data is critical when interpreting effective biological system status. With cells grown in culture and lysed, a simple total protein determination such as the Bradford assay can be enough by giving an estimate of the total cellular proteins.

However, this type of measurement, along with Lowry and other dye binding assays, can be prone to errors due to various factors such as detergent, chelators... 

Read Ana's tips on stardardization of data in biomarker discovery!

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