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February 2014

News Highlight

Human cancer gene profiling from as low as 4 copies of RNA

ExProfile™ Cancer Gene qPCR Arrays are sensitive tools to analyse the expression of a focused set of human genes carefully chosen for their close cancer correlation (breast, brain, skin, prostate, pancreas...).

RhoA activation detection and quantification... the right package!

The specificity of ELISAs (to quantify the amount of RhoA in your cell extracts) combined with the convenient, pull-down like G-LISA® assays (to measure RhoA activation) – enables you to finely investigate and quantify RhoA small GTPase in your cytoskeleton studies.

Product Focus

Your never-ending source of Human neurons!

Study the mechanisms of developmental neurobiology, disease progression, neurotoxicology and other areas of neuroscience with these Human Induced Pluripotent (HIP™) Neuronal progenitors.

Powerful, new tool for glycosylation determination & biomarker development

The traditional, rather costly techniques to see glycosylation are HPLC & MS, for which some of the reagents used in the protocol are dangerous.

The new Lectin Array 40 (16 Sample Kit) allows fast & complete study of glycosylation patterns, with simultaneous, high throughput analysis of multiple lectins at the same time.


Budget friendly 25ul trial size antibodies!

Select 3 among a large choice of popular antibodies in a convenient, smaller 25ul vial trial size format.

Super sensitive chemiluminescent HRP substrate

FemtoMax™ is a convenient, non-radioactive, luminol-based, HRP substrate for microwell (EIA) and Membrane (Western Blot).
You'll easily detect femtogram (10-15) amounts of protein!

Current News

9th Annual Biomarkers Congress

Manchester (UK) - February 25th & 26th, 2014
Meet up with Nathalie Bervas, our Biomarker Specialist who will be giving a talk on...
Recent research advances in Clinical Biomarker Discovery for personalised medicine-related applications.

tebu-bio is pleased to sponsor this congress!

Technical Corner

RNA Gel Results showing 28S:18S ratios.
Image provided by tebu-bio's laboratory,
RNA extraction and Genomic Profiling Service division.

tebu-bio's protocol for...
SYBR Green qPCR with Standard Curve

Designed to help you generate reliable qPCR results, this protocol is based on the experience of our technical experts and users.

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