Gene Expression & Molecular Biology

June 2015

News Highlight

tebu-bio signs European agreement for Epicentre® brand

Until this year, tebu-bio had exclusive rights to distribute Epicentre® products in France alone, however this new deal will allow customers throughout Europe to purchase from tebu-bio.

This Epicentre® brand includes a collection of innovative and unique kits and enzymes used in molecular biology. Many of these enzymes are used in the preparation of DNASeq and RNASeq libraries to be sequenced on Illumina machines.

Product Focus

PseudoU-RNA Molecular Weight Markers

Standard RNA ladders are routinely used by researchers wishing to confirm the molecular weight of an in vitro transcribed or chemically-synthesized RNA. Due to the altered gel mobility of pseudouridine-containing RNAs, a PseudoU-RNA Molecular Weight Marker can be used to more accurately assess the molecular weight of these modified RNAs.

tebu-bio collaborates with experts to find a replacement for TAP

The discontinuation of the enzyme tobacco acid pyrophosphatase (TAP), has left many molecular biology researchers without a suitable enzyme for their protocols. Among the experts consulted, each had their ideas of which recombinant protein might be best to replace TAP.

A number of enzymes have been tested and a new product, promising to be equal or superior to TAP, is now available!



Column-free, Caustic Solvent-free DNA or RNA Purification

Epicentre® (an Illumina Company) has developed a series of MasterPure™ DNA and RNA purification kits for nearly any sample type.
These kits offer a simple protocol for the purification of Genomic DNA, cellular RNA, or total nucleic acid (TNA).

A limited number of free samples of MasterPure™ Complete DNA and RNA Purification Kit (325 Euros value) are available for European Scientists.
Contact Mark to discuss your project.

Learn more about MasterPure™ purification kits

Technical Corner

rRNA depletion, poly(A) enrichment, or exonuclease treatment?

"RNASeq studies are hampered by the pervasive excess of reads mapping to ribosomal RNA (rRNA), notorious for greatly reducing the amount of useful mRNA sequencing data. Here we highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the various approaches have been developed to address this problem..." Read more...

Meet us

RNA Club Meeting

Meet up with Dimitri, tebu-bio’s modified RNA specialist in Bordeaux June 25th & 26th.

It's the ideal opportunity to discuss your chemically-modified nucleotide and oligo needs with him!

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