Cell Biology and Signalling
Programmed Cell Death

June 2015


How to detect active caspase in cells?

In this post, Ali, our specialist gives an overview of a method and kits which allow to detect active Caspases in cells, and which give an insight into the apoptotic status of the respective cells. Investigate the effects of inducers of apoptosis in living cells!

Ferroptosis and the way to inhibit it

Ferroptosis is a recently recognized form of regulated necrosis.This form of cell death could be a possible therapeutic approach to treat tumor cells. Some studies showed that ferroptosis also occurs in non-transformed tissues, implicating this pathway in the development of a wide range of pathological conditions.

Product Focus

How to measure early apoptotic events?

Apoptosis is the most prominent process of programmed cell death. It involves a complex cascade of reactions regulated by specific proteases called caspases and results in DNA degradation. Apoptotic processes have been researched in an extensive variety of diseases. Excessive apoptosis causes atrophy, whereas an insufficient amount results in uncontrolled cell proliferation, such as cancer. Besides apoptosis other types of programed cell death are known, such as autophagy, necroptosis, and ferroptosis.

Differentiate between K48- and K63-specific Ubiquitination

A major hurdle determining the role of specific Ubiquitin linkages in cancer related pathways is the fact that there is no straight forward method to define the exact nature of ubiquitination of a target protein.
Most of the antibodies claiming to be linkage specific do not really deliver what they promise. The recent development of reliable polyUb selective tools revolutionizes the field of ubiquitin research.

Technical Corner

How to differentiate between Apoptosis, Necroptosis, Autophagy & Ferroptosis

"Cell death can be caused by external factors such as infection or trauma a process which is called necrosis. On the other hand, cell death can be mediated by intracellular programs in this cases we talk about programmed cell death.
What are the different types of programmed cell death?..." Read more...

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