Immunology Focus

July 2015

News Highlight

IL-1 family quantified simultaneously…at last!

The IL-1 family has long been known as a key player in the effector role of macrophages in innate defence against tumours and infections. Development of multiplex assays for the quantification of the majority of cytokines in the IL-1 family is a major step forward, that will make the analysis of the role of this family in different diseases easy.


Product Focus

Identification of a MicroRNA signature for Fibromyalgia diagnosis

A recent paper unravels the miRNA signature in fibromyalgia. Diagnosis of fibromyalgia, a chronic musculoskeletal pain syndrome characterised by generalized body pain, hyperalgesia and other functional and emotional comorbidities, is a challenging process hindered by symptom heterogeneity and clinical overlap with other disorders. No objective diagnostic method exists at present....


Notch and renal failure revisited

"A recent paper by Gupta et al. elucidated the role of the Notch pathway in kidney regeneration. This paper means an advance towards understanding potential therapeutic targeting of Notch signaling to enhance renal repair. Activation of the Notch pathway occurs following ARF. Pretreatment with the Notch ligand DLL4 enhanced recovery from ARF and represents a potential novel therapeutic option for regenerating the injured kidney."
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Invasion of influenza A

"The influenza season in Europe is over… until next year. Influenza remains one of the most important public healthcare problems, especially in risk groups.
For studies involving IAV, it is important that antibodies recognise the specific viral subtype, with high specificity, to avoid any cross-reactions with other subtypes that may not be relevant that season."
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New : Corticosterone Enzyme Immunoassay kit!

This new Immuno-Assays is sure to be a hit!

Corticosterone measurement in extracted samples, serum & plasma with pg detection levels. These assays display <0.4% reactivity to cortisol and 0% to cortisone!

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Technical Corner

Vive la différence! To pool or not to pool…

In this post, Ana, our Biomarker specialist discussed about the use of pooled or not pooled samples for proteomic profiling. She illustrates with an example how this can be used to design more efficient therapies in different population subgroups.

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