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Targeting Epigenetic Proteins for Drug Discovery

This webinar will answer questions that epigenetics researchers are faced with daily: how to access reliable sources of epigenetic targets, the best methods for assaying their activity, and approaches to efficiently screen chemical compounds as specific epigenetic inhibitors.
Presented by Stephen Edgcomb, Ph.D. of BPS Bioscience and Ali el Bayâ, Ph.D of tebu-bio.

Highly pure recombinant Nucleosomes

Lane 1: Extracted DNA
Lane 2: Intact Nucleosomes

  • Great substrates for histone modifying enzymes - HAT, HMT, Kinase…
  • No post-translational modifications - blank state
  • Highest purity available - No free DNA as evidenced by figure (arrow)
  • Histone proteins derived from Xenopus genes (virtually identical to Human)

Product Focus

Antibodies to study DNA & Histone modifications

High quality, validated antibodies for a variety of applications:

Explore miRNA & Epigenetics regulatory circuit

A complete set of specialised miRNA solutions for all your experimental approaches (overexpression, inhibition, functional assays, qRT-PCR analysis…).
  • miExpress - 3 vectors expressing miRNA precursors with eGFP reporter gene
  • miTarget - miRNA 3' UTR target depending on luciferase expression systems
  • miArrest - 4 vectors expressing miRNA inhibitor with mCherry reporter gene
  • miProfile - Primers and arrays for qRT-PCR


Must-have in any Epigenetics research lab...

HeLa nuclear extract is an excellent source of transcription factors, histones, chromatin proteins and histone deacetylase (HDAC) activity and useful as control for Western blotting.

Cells, molecules and more

  • Cell lines: E0771, HeLa, PC12, PC12-C41...
  • Cutting edge biomolecules, high purity...

Current News

New FRET-based bromodomain assay kits

FRET (Fluorescence resonance energy transfer) based assays, ideal for screening small molecular inhibitors for drug discovery. Homogeneous, with no time-consuming washing steps, these kits are perfect for HTS applications.

Technical Corner

The Expert's Epigenetics Toolbox



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