Research Trends in Personalised Medicine

April 2015

Product Focus

Circulating biomarkers – there’s more than human

All researchers know that how important it is to have research tools that allow to study secretome biomarkers outside the usual human and rodents.
Most advances in the miRNA landscape have been achieved in human or human-derived samples. A few of them in mouse models. But up to now, it was not easy to study this area of Biology in non-human, non-rodent species.

To answer to this problem, Toray has developed a new miRNA array to study miRNAs in 4 different species: monkey, pig, dog and zebrafish.

Which Antibodies for Epigenetics?

Epigenetics research focuses primarily on histones and other proteins that control the regulation of gene expression, transcription, and protein-protein interaction. Epigenetic processes are implicated in an array of human pathophysiological conditions that include cancer, obesity, diabetes, drug addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Antibodies have been extensively used for research in Epigenetics, but not all antibodies are the same. When you choose your antibody for this area of research, make sure to follow these tips…


Ana shares impressions about a recent meeting she attended in Madrid...

"A symposium on trends in Clinical Oncology was recently held in Madrid, Spain, gathering actors from the private health system (Hospital Madrid – Clara Campal, Onkologikoa, Clínica Universidad de Navarra), as well as pharmaceutical companies (Roche, Novartis).
The interest of this symposium is that it had a look at the research on cancer from the perspective of clinicians coming from private hospitals, and not from the National Health Systems."

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Focus on one of our posters presented during the AACR2015

Research performed by David García-Molleví and his team at ICO (Barcelona, Spain), in cooperation with tebu-bio laboratories, was presented at the AACR congress in Philadelphia last week by Nadia Normand, our R&D Manager at tebu-bio labs.

The poster describes how cytokine profiling of drug-disrupted tumour cell / fibroblast crosstalk provides insights to understand the protective role of the stroma. 

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15% discount off GeneTex products for Cancer Research

tebu-bio puts the spotlight on antibodies for Cancer research by GeneTex. Over 500 antibodies as well as tissue slides and lysates for Cancer Research, are on special offer in April and May.

Choose your product & benefit from our discount...

Technical Corner

Biomarker profiling: Diluting samples case studies

A lot of questions are asked when you perform studies for Biomarker discovery. To dilute or not to dilute biological samples? And if yes, how much?

In this post, Ana gives some advice on how to choose the best dilution for your experimental set-up.... Read more...

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