Gene Expression & Molecular Biology

April 2015

News Highlight

CleanTag™ Ligation Kit for Small RNA Library Prep now available

Chemically-modifying oligonucleotide adapters is an effective means to prevent adapter dimer formation during small RNA library prep. Just as primer dimers form when very little template DNA is used for PCR, adapter dimers can form with low starting concentrations of RNA.

The CleanTag™ Ligation Kit for Small RNA Library Prep is a complete, Illumina® technology compatible kit, which makes use of such modified adapters in optimized buffer conditions.

Expired patents might mean lower prices for SuperScript® II RT Users

When the patents on the SuperScript® II Reverse Transcriptase enzyme expired, a number of companies introduced their own version of the popular RT kit for cDNA synthesis. In general, the pricing was aligned to be a bit less expensive then the well known kit. Does brand loyalty affect the researcher's choice for this kind of kit? What are the latest alternatives available?


GreenView Plus is a highly sensitive and safe fluorescent nucleic acid stain designed to replace the highly toxic ethidium bromide (EtBr) for detection of DNA. This single stain gives high sensitivity detection of double-stranded or single-stranded DNA and RNA. Gels can be post-stained or alternatively the stain can be added to agarose gels during gel casting.

Try GreenView Plus DNA Gel Stain... now with 10% discount


Get a pack of pre-made rAAVs for free

Adenoassociated viruses (AAV) make excellent Gene delivery tools, as covered in a post by our specialist Paola Vecino.

Get in touch with Paola to order your custom rAAV production, and get a free pre-made rAAV of your choice!

Product Focus

A look inside the new Otogenetics NGS library prep kits

Following the release of the new DNA Seq library prep kits by Otogenetics, we’ve now had a chance to see what the kits and their contents look like. [Read more...]

Technical Corner

Genome Editing in Stem Cells: outsource or do-it-yourself?

Many researchers are facing a dilemma: they want to set up a CRISPR genome editing project but they can’t decide which cell line to use for genome editing. In this post, our specialist Mark looks at the important elements to keep in mind when choosing the best solution for your genome editing in Stem Cells... Read more...

Meet us

Meet up with one of our molecular biology specialists, Anne-Marie Renault, at the technical seminar "Designing your genome-editing project (CRIPSR/TALEN)" which will be held at the Pasteur Institute in Paris (Salle Jules Bordet).

Make a note of the date and time - April 13th at 10:00 am.

In the meantime... take a moment to review our offer in Genome Editing!

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