Disease Biomarkers

April 2015

News Highlight

Multiplex assays for profiling biomarkers in eye disease

Cytokines are important cell mediators in a variety of processes, including cancer, obesity, and many other processes where inflammation plays a role. A recent publication by Nassar et al. depicts the importance of serum cytokines as biomarkers for age-related macular degeneration.

In this post, our specialist Ana describes the technology used by this team.


Biomarkers of micronutrient malnutrition

Unfortunately, micronutrient malnutrition is a problem in all countries, in all segments of society. Tools to assess MN deficiencies are needed, allowing to screen large segments of population. 
Measuring of these markers is usually done by ELISA. This is a good method if you have enough sample, but what if you have to screen a large population?


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Current News

Tumour microenvironment – ameloblastomas

Ameloblastomas are benign tumours that occur in the jawbone, and invade bone. This type of tumour is treated by surgery and can cause various problems, including changes in facial countenance and mastication disorders. A recent publication  by Fuchigami et al.  has investigated the soluble factors (i.e. secretome) involved in the formation and progression of ameloblastoma..... Read more...

First Remicade® mAb biosimilar approved in Europe

"Following our series of posts in biosimilars and immunogenicity testing, a recent paper by Korea company Celltrion describes the characterisation of Remsina®, the first mAb biosimilar (for Remicade® – infliximab) approved in Europe. In this study, ELISA arrays for conformational studies were used for the Higher Order Structure characterisation and compatibility analysis." Read more...

Technical Corner

Diluting samples for proteomics – biomarker profiling case studies

To dilute or not to dilute biological samples? And if yes, how much? That’s the question! In this post, our specialist Ana discusses sample dilution (yes or no) and dilution factosr (how much) when performing proteomic analysis of Biomarkers.

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