Stem Cell Biology

April 2015

News Highlight

Formation of Mesenchymal Tissues in Alvetex Scaffold

In this blog, we demonstrate that MSCs extracted from the bone marrow of adult rats can be successfully cultured in 3D in Alvetex®Scaffold and induced to differentiate into osteogenic and adipogenic derivatives more efficiently than their 2D counterparts. We also look at bone formation and the production of extracellular matrix by MG63 cells which represent an established cell line derived from a human osteosarcoma. The data generated here is supported by peer-reviewed literature and clearly shows that Alvetex®Scaffold promotes enhanced in vitro differentiation.

mRNA reprogramming system, fastest & safest!

This mRNA reprogramming technology provides a fast, safe and efficient means of generating clinical-grade human iPS cells from somatic tissue. Reprogramming human cells with mRNA factors produces reprogramming efficiency greater than 1% without the use of virus or DNA vectors. Today, mRNA-based reprogramming has proven to be the only non-viral, non-integrating method for reliable, safe and efficient generation of clinically relevant human iPS cell lines.

Product Offers

ec23® – a stable synthetic retinoid based on all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA)

ATRA (all-trans retinoic acid) is well known for its ability to regulate cell differentiation. However it has a short shelf-life because it absorbs light and degrades into isomers. Cell cultures containing ATRA are inconsistent, leading to problems with reproducibility of experimental results.
To address this issue, Reinnervate has developed ec23®, as a pan-RAR receptor agonist that is stable whilst maintaining the same biological activity as ATRA.

Cellular reprogramming - RNA-mediated gene delivery

B18R protein is a Vaccinia virus-encoded receptor with specificity for mouse, human, rabbit, pig, rat and cow Type 1 interferons and has potent neutralizing capability acting as a decoy receptor for Type 1 interferons.
Reprogramming-qualified B18R Recombinant Protein, Carrier-free is useful for cellular reprogramming and other applications requiring RNA-mediated gene delivery.

Technical Corner

Why use induced pluripotent neural stem cells in screening assays?

Since this post last summer by Jean-François (our cells specialist), there has been a rapidly growing interest from our customers around Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC) and especially the Stemgent mRNA Reprogramming System. Take a moment to see what it's all about...

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