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March 2015

News Highlight

Just launched - Lamellipodial Growth Promoter (BPA), a new actin dynamics investigation tool

Branched Synthetic Polyamines (BPAs) are able to generate growth and stabilization of lamellipodia within minutes.
tebu-bio is pleased to introduce C8N6-BPA, in cooperation with Daniel Riveline's team at the ISIS/IGBMC.

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Next-gen chromosome analysis with dGH and Pinpoint FISH probes

Our new partner, KromaTiD, Inc. offers a a large collection of catalog and custom chromosomal imaging paints, probes, and kits based on their patented technology. KromaTiD appears to have the only method capable of detecting so-called cryptic inversions where relatively small segments of the genome have changed orientation.


15% discount off RayBiotech ELISA kits

tebu-bio's experts have chosen RayBiotech's ELISA kits for their high quality and characteristics. They are ideal for the quantitative measurement of biomarkers (cytokines, peptides, etc.) and validated for a variety of sample types from 11 different species. ISO-certified and rigorously tested, these ELISA kits are backed by a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee when running your tests in your lab and are also eligible for outsourcing activities in tebu-bio's laboratories!

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ec23® - a stable synthetic retinoid based on ATRA

ATRA (all-trans retinoic acid) is well known for its ability to regulate cell differentiation. However, it has a short shelf-life because it absorbs light and degrades into isomers. Cell cultures containing ATRA are inconsistent, leading to problems with reproducibility of experimental results.

ec23® is a chemically-stable and light-stable alternative to ATRA that has similar biological activity and does not degrade..

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Current News

7 popular phospho-specific antibodies

Whatever the research domain (oncology, cardiovascular diseases, Diabetis/obesity, inflammation, autoimmune disorders...), phosphorylation study is essential when looking for activation of cell signaling pathways.
In this post, we'll be taking a look at 7 popular and robust phospho-specific antibodies.... Read more...

5 reasons to prefer custom rec. protein production to commercial

Many recombinant proteins (rec. proteins) are now commercially available. And many of them, mainly secreted soluble proteins, are biologically active, so there shouldn’t be any need to look for alternatives such as custom productions. So the question is, why should you prefer a special production? Read more...

Cancer immunotherapy & PBMCs

Patients who receive cancer immunotherapy treatments in clinical trials must have their peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) samples collected at baseline and at later time points. Immune monitoring facilities provide laboratory testing of these PBMC samples in order to gauge the response of the patient’s immune system to the test treatment. One research team used PBMCs provided by Hemacare, to investigate whether overnight resting of these could counter the effects of delayed processing and long-term cryopreservation. Read more...

Technical Corner

Genome Editing in Stem Cells: outsource or do-it-yourself?

Many researchers are facing a dilemma: they want to set up a CRISPR genome editing project but they can’t decide which cell line to use for genome editing. In this post, Mark, our specialist gives you some important elements for choosing the best solution for your genome editing in Stem Cells... Read more...

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