Gene Expression & Molecular Biology

March 2015

News Highlight

tebu-bio supports post-transcriptional gene regulation course

tebu-bio is pleased to announce their sponsorship of the 1st Course on "Post-transcriptional gene regulation: mechanisms at the heart of networks" (Institut Curie, March 23-27, 2015) during which 40 PhD students and postdoctoral fellows from 10 countries will be trained. Post-transcriptional gene regulation refers to every level of gene-expression control in a cell that occurs between transcription and the resulting protein levels.

During this meeting, meet molecular biology specialist Mark Livingstone from tebu-bio during the career round table lunch session.


Product Focus

Alternatives to the "mega-brands" of molecular biology

Is it really necessary to buy luxury brand molecular biology kits?
Here, we examine some alternatives to 2 of the biggest molecular biology mega-brands that seem to be able to keep their loyal customers by placing their familiar brand name on a relatively low value item.


MessageBooster cDNA Kit

Perform sensitive qPCR amplifications using the total RNA from very small populations of cells, even from as little as one cell.

Exonuclease I

This enzyme digests ssDNA in a 3´to 5´ direction, but not dsDNA and is active under a wide variety of buffer conditions and can be heat inactivated.


3 sizes adapted to your project...
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Current News

IlluminaŽ to re-brand EpicentreŽ Sequencing Products

Leading up to the Illumina rebranding of the Ribo-ZeroT, ScriptSeqT, ARTseqT and EpiGnomeT kits, our regular users will be able to make any final purchases for these kits through tebu-bio up to March 31st, 2015.. Read more...

New brand in tebu-bio's genomics & biomarker discovery portfolio

tebu-bio has selected KromaTiD for their ability to make custom kits & assays to detect chromosomal rearrangements to validate results from sequencing studies.

Learn more....

Technical Corner

Buccal cells: best surrogate tissue for brain DNA methylation studies

Recent reports describes buccal cells and blood as potential surrogates for brain tissue in epigenomic studies aimed at assessing the methylation status of DNA.
In this post, our specialist Mark, takes a look at a new and innovative method for your buccal cell DNA collection: the iSWAB kit by MawiDNA.

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During these meetings, meet up with tebu-bio's molecular biology specialists and get your free sample of GreenView Plus DNA Gel Stain!

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