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March 2014

News Highlight

Isolate Primary Cells in 3 days with PrimaCell™!PrimaCell, new at tebu-bio

PrimaCell™ is the first standardized system to enable you to reliably and cost-effectively isolate & culture primary cells from mammalian tissues.

PrimaCell to Isolate Primary cells from just three days

This innovative Do-It-Yourself kit comes complete with all required materials and protocols you'll need, for use with a large variety of Human, Mouse & Rat tissues.

Explore the molecular mechanisms of liver diseases:
fibrosis, cirrhosis, ALD, NAFLD, DILI...

Unique source of HLMFs

HLMFs characterized by immunofluorescence with antibodies to α-SMA.

There is compelling evidence that fibrosis is a dynamic and even reversible process, spurring research to investigate new therapeutic strategies.

Access a unique source of Human Liver MyoFibroblasts (HLMF), from normal and cirrhotic livers, obtained in full compliance with ethical guidelines & legislation.

Tax relief on R&D performed by tebu-bio's Laboratories

PrimaCell, new at tebu-biotebu-bio's accreditation for Research Tax Credit (CIR - Crédit d'Impôt sur la Recherche) has just been renewed for a further three years (2014, 2015 & 2016). Private French companies are able to apply for tax relief on their expenses for R&D performed by tebu-bio's own European laboratories based near Paris.

Product Focus

 5 reasons to prefer GS21 neural media supplement over B27 Supplement

GS21 Supplement is the next generation serum-free neural media supplement for optimal Neural cell culture.

The unique formulation of GS21 effectively improves overall growth and performance of primary neurons, compared to B27 Supplement.

Normoxia & Hypoxia in Petaka... tissue-like conditions!

Petaka™, a simple yet highly innovative cell culture system, enables your cells themselves to auto-regulate the levels of oxygen & CO2 in the media without using any external instrumentation or apparatus.

Perfect physiological cell culture - you'll safely achieve the correct oxygen concentrations without CO2 incubators, experiment hypoxia without chambers, optimally protect your cells from contamination, transport your living cells at normal temperatures...

Normoxia and Hypoxia with PETAKA


pluriq serum replacementCost-effective PluriQ™ Serum Replacement

Maximally supports undifferentiated Human pluripotent stem cell growth in
feeder-based cell culture systems.

  • Optimal consistent performance
  • Maintains pluripotency

› Try PluriQ™ to replace KSOR in your own protocol... currently with 15% discount!

High Quality Cytokines by PeproTech

Quality cytokine products, associated to quality service...
Access a broad selection of extracellular rec. proteins of Human, Murine or Rat sequence to study the how they affect signaling through cell surface receptors.

› Accept only the best cytokines & growth factors, chemokines, receptors, peptidases...

Technical Corner

Boost your FGF2 stem cultures... and take a break from tedious media changes!

StemBeads FGF2

Just add StemBeads FGF2 to your favourite culture media, and through steady release of this revolutionary growth factor you’ll obtain much higher quality of your cultures by reducing spontaneous differentiation.

Media change frequency is reduced by 67%...
so you can safely leave your cells alone for the weekend!!

> Find out more in this fun & informative video!

Coming up! See you soon at...

International meeting of the German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ) | March 18-21 | Regensburg

This meeting is an ideal moment to share experiences and opinions around recent advances in cell biology and Drug discovery. Meet up with Christian Gadomsky, Dipl. Biol, who will be participating and presenting tebu-bio’s innovative research reagents and lab services.

Symposium IIB UAM 2014› Advances and Perspectives in Cardiovascular Biomedicine | March 21st | Madrid

Franck Chevalier, PhD will be presenting a poster on the innovative technology by Cellix:

Mimicking in vivo vascular and arterial flow cell rolling, adhesion and migration assays; application in atherosclerosis

Poster Session I : Biomarkers and mechanisms of vascular damage

We're proud to renew our sponsorship of the Spanish Society for Cell Biology - SEBC
again this year. We're looking forward to participating in upcoming events throughout 2014!

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