Circulating Biomarkers

March 2015

News Highlight

Exosomes as triggers for signaling

Extracellular vesicles in general, or exosomes in particular, are becoming a hot topic for research, especially in cancer. They seem to have different roles in tumour progression or can be used as targets to develop new therapies. In this post, Ana, our specialist, focused on their role in signal transduction.


Tumour microenvironment - exosomes

Exosomes are nanosized extracellular vesicles that allow communication between cells. They are seen to play a role in the progression of some cancers (e.g. prostate cancer, glioblastoma), as well as in resistance to cancer therapies. In fact, they modulate the immune response, explaining their role in either fighting the tumour or helping the tumour cells evade the immune system.

Product Focus

Focus on 6 exosome antibodies !

Exosomal marker antibodies detect proteins specific to the exosomes. They can help with the study of the morphology and dynamics of the exosome. A second task for this kind of antibodies is to elucidate the roles a protein may play in a number of tasks that are centered in or influenced by the exosome.


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Technical Corner

Direct access to Biomarker Profiling identification tools with tebu-bio

"Profiling tools have an increasing interest for identifying new biomarkers. Different tools are available, from classical gene profiling on DNA chips, RT-qPCR arrays, Protein arrays for secretome or transcriptome, mRNA arrays and finally miRNA arrays. All these techniques sometimes require specific material for reading arrays, and some bioanalytics to extract valuable markers of interest..."

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