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February 2015

News Highlight

What's new in qPCR?

Molecular biologists spent a lot of time setting up their qPCR protocols and aren't about to change the way they do things. But they are also on the look-out for the recent advances in this domain. To help you in your research, Mark, our specialist, has prepared a brief update about what's new in the world of qPCR.


Cell counting made easy!

Cyto-X is a ready-to-use cell viability reagent for proliferation and cytotoxicity assays. Simply added to cell culture, it can evaluate the number of living cells.


Buy any two GeneTex primary antibodies in 25ul size and get 15% off!

GeneTex produces high quality antibodies covering many research areas including cancer, cell biology, epigenetics, immunology, infectious disease, metabolism, neuroscience, signal transduction, stem cell development and zebrafish biology.
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Rockland's Games of Clones returns - when February rhymes with... Secondary!

Versatile, robust and useful, conjugated or unlabeled, functional in all immunoassays...
Choose from a selection of high quality Chicken, Goat, Monkey, Mouse & Rabbit Secondary catalogue antibodies by Rockland Inc.!

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Current News

Spirochrome SiR Actin and SiR tubulin stain - now with Verapamil

Recently, we were pleased to launch highly innovative tools to stain actin and tubulin in living cells without the need to transfect cells with vectors coding for GFP- or RFP tagged proteins which bind to filamentous cytoskeletal structures. This makes the SiR stains produced by Spirochrome the only tools available on the market which allow direct live cell imaging of actin and tubulin. To avoid having to order Verapamil separately if needed, Spirochrome decided to add a sufficient amount of this compound to every SiR-actin and SiR-tubulin kit. Read more...

Why not outsource your plasmid preps ?

"Plasmid preps are to science what salt is to cooking. It's so common that nobody notices, but nothing can be done without. There is no mention of this step in any published paper, nobody mentions them in any activity report, no comments are made on time spent on it.
But let's face it: it takes time, as simple and as usual that it is...." Read more...

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Technical Corner

Ana gives you some tips to select the best secondary...

"When doing WBs, IFs or IHCs, we normally pay a lot of attention to the primary antibody that should be chosen. We look at the datasheet, we check that the primary antibody has been validated for the species and application of our interest, we check if it has been used in publications, we look at the pictures in the datasheet. But sometimes we forget about the secondary. Here are some tips to help you choose the best secondary. Because a good choice of a secondary antibody can be as important as choosing the right primary!" Read more...

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