Cell Biology and Signalling

February 2015

News Highlight

Verapamil can enhance live cell staining of Actin & Tubulin with SiR-dyes

Recently, we were pleased to launch the SiR actin and SiR tubulin stains produced by Spirochrome, the only tools available on the market which allow direct live cell imaging of actin and tubulin. These kits are now supplied with Verapamil, for effective staining of cell types which may not sufficiently take up dye, as described in this recent post by Dr el Bay‚.

Product Focus

Capping, bundling, sequestering - the role of Actin Binding Proteins

Actin binding proteins (ABPs) have a wide variety of functions in regulating the cellular function of actin. They control G-actin polymerization but also drive actin filaments severing and cross-linking to form complex cytoskeleton†networks. Researchers are looking more and more for broad sources of purified†Actin Binding Proteins (ABPs).

Antioxidant activity of naturally occurring or synthetic compounds

Free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) are highly reactive molecules that are generated by normal cellular processes, environmental stress, and UV irradiation. ROS react with cellular components, damaging DNA, carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids causing cellular and tissue injury, inflammation, premature aging disorders...

The ORAC (fluorescence based) and ABTS (colorimetric) kits enable researchers to assay the total antioxidant capacity of biological fluids, cells and tissue.

Current News

Microtubule destabilization by Suprafenacine: template for novel anti-cancer drugs

Recently, B.-H. Choi et al. characterized a novel anti-mitotic molecule termed Suprafenacine which destabilizes microtubules, resulting in cell cycle arrest in the G2/M phase and apoptotic cell death. This cell-permeable compound can serve as a template for designing and synthesizing future anti-cancer drugs. Learn more

Phosphorylation of RhoA as a Signal Transduction Regulator

A recent newsletter (Cytoskeleton Inc.) highlights the†control of RhoA function through phosphorylation. RhoA is a target for a growing number of kinases and as such, phosphorylation is emerging as a central theme in the regulation of this family of proteins.

Focus is on†the mechanism of RhoA phosphorylation at Serine 188, which is mainly conducted by kinases like PKA and PKG.

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