Gene Expression & Molecular Biology

February 2015

News Highlight

Epicentre®-Illumina now available across most of Europe through tebu-bio

For the past decade, tebu-bio has served French Epicentre® Biotechnologies’ users for RNA biology, Sequencing, DNA and RNA purification, qPCR…

As of January 1st, 2015, Epicentre®-Illumina has selected tebu-bio as one of their main international distributors.



GreenView Plus is a highly sensitive and safe fluorescent nucleic acid stain designed to replace the highly toxic ethidium bromide (EtBr) for detection of DNA. This single stain gives high sensitivity detection of double-stranded or single-stranded DNA and RNA. Gels can be post-stained or alternatively the stain can be added to agarose gels during gel casting.

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tebu-bio has selected Trilink Biotechnologies, the experts in nucleic acid and chemistry, for their high-quality products, such as modified nucleoside triphosphates, oligos, nucleotides, DNA & RNA synthesis tools (CleanAmp, ARCA, mRNA capping...).

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Since January 2015, tebu-bio has launched two new brands in Gene Expression and Molecular Biology!

Otogenetics: high quality, low cost DNASeq kits & genes enrichment panels

Otogenetics Corporation, a DNASeq and RNASeq next generation sequencing service provider has processed over 11,000 samples and is now producing their own DNASeq kits. These high quality, low cost kits are now available to European researchers through tebu-bio.
[Read more...]

Mawi DNA Technologies: MawiDNA Buccal swab DNA Collection with no cold chain required

"For many research studies, we find that researchers need two important things from a swab-based DNA collection system. First, the system must yield high quality DNA suitable for Next Generation Sequencing applications. Second, the system must instantly stabilize the sample to allow for at-home or remote location sampling (no cold chain required). In this post, I will introduce you to the iSWAB™-DNA Collection Kits... "

See why Mark Livingstone, PhD, (Molecular Biology specialist at tebu-bio) chose the iSWAB™-DNA Collection Kits. [Read more...]

Technical Corner

Chemically synthesized mRNAs: now a reality!

"in vitro transcription has been a common protocol in RNA biology laboratories wishing to work directly with mRNA molecules to study phenomena such as mRNA translation. Commercially available kits have greatly facilitated the capping and polyadenylation and in vitro transcription of RNAs, but now there is another option: ordering chemically synthesized mRNAs. in vitro transcription kits such as the T7-FlashScribe™ Transcription Kit allow maximum RNA yields in 30 minutes. Subsequent processing of primary transcripts involves addition of the 5'cap and 3'poly(A) tail..." Read more...

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