Biomimetic Chemistry, a new route for metabolite synthesis

HepatoChem's innovative technology uses biomimetic catalysts to mimic oxidative metabolism and allow for metabolite synthesis. These catalysts are as selective as microsomes or hepatocytes, yet they have the advantage of enabling you to produce metabolites in milligram quantities, faster and with greater cost-effectiveness than is possible with any other available technology.

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Predicting CYP induction through stable cell lines

Screening for nuclear receptor activation is a widely used and accepted practice to predict adverse drug effects and drug-drug interactions. Moreover, assessing nuclear receptor activation meets the latest FDA guidance for industry on Drug-Drug Interactions. Receptor activation screening services using Puracyp's proprietary cell lines are available to identify NCEs that have the potential to activate human, rat, mouse, dog or monkey SXR/PXR, AhR and CAR.

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Recombinant cytochromes & other DMEs

Discover our large choice of enzymes - CYPs and other Drug Metabolising enzymes: Human, dog, mouse, monkey...
  • Quality controlled, validated, active lots
  • Many publications, often compared to Supersomes
  • Produced in Europe

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13th European ISSX Meeting

Meet up with our experts in Glasgow (Scotland) from the 22nd to the 25th of June!

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