Biomarker Discovery

February 2014

News Highlight

Metabolic disease & cancer biomarker discovery


Access the best immuno-assays, specific for Human Insulin and Glucagon, and collect informative data to optimize your translational research, clinical and drug discovery studies.

Phosphorylation studies: 1 318 Western blots at once

Measure changes in phosphorylation status of hundreds of cell signalling proteins at specific sites with the Phospho Explorer Array. This Antibody array consists of 1 318 well-characterized site-specific antibodies (phosphorylated and total target protein) coated on a glass slide for protein phospho-profiling from cell lysates or serum samples.

Product Focus

Choose your Human FGFR family antibodies

  • Rabbit Polyclonals for Western blot
  • Convenient 25 Ál or 100 Ál sizes
  • Satisfied or refunded!

Anti-FGFR5, Anti-FGFR2, Anti-FGFR1...

Anti-beta amyloid for Alzheimer's Disease research

  • Directed against the amino terminal end of beta amyloid
  • Affinity purified for IF, IHC, WB, ELISA
  • Detects Human and Mouse beta amyloid

Rabbit polyclonal anti-beta Amyloid


Easy Human IFN fingerprinting with multiplex ELISA

  • Simultaneously quantify type I, II, III Human IFNs
  • Low amounts of sample & low CV (<10%)
  • Compatible with various sample types (including lysates)
  • Easy and cost effective

Current News

Powerful, new tool for glycosylation determination & biomarker development

The traditional, rather costly techniques to see glycosylation are HPLC & MS, for which some of the reagents used in the protocol are dangerous.
The new Lectin Array 40 (16 Sample Kit) allows fast & complete study of glycosylation patterns, with simultaneous, high throughput analysis of multiple lectins at the same time.

Technical Corner

Protein Multiplex Quantification...

Reduce the risk factor!

Multiplex quantification of proteins through immunoassays is an ideal tool for translational medicine and biomarker discovery approaches.
No need to allocate funds to special equipment, or put your samples at peril... outsource your multiplexing analysis!

Rely on the solid experience of our scientists to competently advise you on the appropriate immunoassay-based approach, to securely perform your multiplex assays, and to accompany you with full and detailed analysis of your results.

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