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January 2015

News Highlight

Physioxia or Hypoxia in cell-based assays

Modulation of oxygen concentration has been described to have a direct effect on cell behaviour.

Oxygen concentration in tissues is a key factor for cell and organ survival. In normal conditions, partial oxygen pressure (pO2) results in the balance between oxygen delivery and its consumption. Oxygen is transported, in mammals, by circulating red blood cells. Partial oxygen pressure in tissues varies widely, depending on their respective metabolic requirements and their functional status. In normal physiological conditions,  partial oxygen pressure is called physioxia. Any alteration of tissue environment leading to a decrease in partial oxygen pressure is called hypoxia. 

Functional Human Cardiomyocytes!

ReproCardio 2 human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes have been extensively characterized for their functional responsiveness to known cardiotoxic compounds. In all our tests, including assays of cardiotoxic compounds not correctly identified by the hERG assay, ReproCardio 2 has generated results in complete agreement with clinical findings.


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Actin stains and probes are used in determining the structure and function of the cytoskeleton in living and fixed cells. The actin cytoskeleton is a very dynamic and labile structure in the living cell, but it can be fixed by either cold methanol or paraformaldehyde prior to probing or staining for actin structures.

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Current News

Epicentre®-Illumina in Europe through tebu-bio

For the past decade, tebu-bio has served French Epicentre® Biotechnologies’ users for RNA biology, Sequencing, DNA and RNA purification, qPCR…

As of January 1st, 2015, Epicentre®-Illumina has selected tebu-bio as one of their main international distributors. [Read more...]

Affordable PeproTECH cytokines!

Proteins, Polyclonals, Monoclonals, ELISA minikits... We're pleased to bring you these high-quality products at new, competitive prices since January 1st.

PeproTech cytokines - standard vials now from only 160 euros...

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tebu-bio's experts will be present at:

We're pleased to sponsor the "Cancer Epigenetics and Metabolism: Connecting the Dots" meeting taking place in Cantanhede (Portugal) from February 2nd to 3rd.

Technical Corner

Ana gives you some tips for a successful ELISA...

"ELISAs are immunoassays widely used in biomarker detection and validation. They have been used in research and clinical settings for more than 40 years, and they allow to quantify, in a simple way, thousands of biomarkers. The aim of this post is to give some hints on how to reach the best result for your ELISA tests, based on some troubleshooting experience with researchers and clinicians all over Europe."
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