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Highly Characterized & functional Human Cardiomyocytes!

ReproCardio 2 human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes have been extensively characterized for their functional responsiveness to the known cardiotoxic compounds. In all our tests, including assays of cardiotoxic compounds not correctly identified by the hERG assay, ReproCardio 2 has generated results in complete agreement with clinical findings.


Doing your own cardiovascular differentiation of human pluripotent Stem Cells?

Try our MesoFate Differentiation Medium and increase cardiomyocyte production with a 1.8 fold! 

5 most popular posts in Stem Cells in 2014!

iPS neural cells, serum replacer solutions, mRNA reprogramming technology, Stembead factors and Isogenic Knockout iPSC Lines for Modeling of CNS Disorders are the 5 subjects you preferred on our blog in 2014!


Stemolecules... with 10% discount!

We have selected small molecules for you, which are involved in cellular reprogramming, maintenance and differentiation of stem cells. 

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Our Stem Cells specialists have some tips for you about MEF utilization...

“In order to engineer a custom culture system with HyStem, simple pilot studies or optimization assays can be tested to determine the appropriate parameters for each experiment. Below are some tips and guidelines for optimizing basic variables that can have a significant impact on the hydrogel properties and overall cell culture conditions..." › Read more...

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