Gene Expression & Molecular Biology

December 2014

News Highlight

Gateway® cloning technology: Is it as easy as they say?

Molecular biology experts have been telling us for a while that the Gateway® cloning vectors are easy-to-use, saving them significant time and effort.

Basically, the technology allows you to start with a single Open Reading Frame (ORF) and pop it into any kind of vector you want without having to think about different restriction sites in the Multiple Cloning Sites in your mammalian, bacterial, lentiviral, etc. expression vectors.

The trademark Gateway® is owned by Invitrogen Corporation.


EpiCentre TAPs out...

After more than a year on backorder status, EpiCentre Technologies has decided to discontinue all Tobacco Acid Pyrophosphatase (TAP) products and kits containing them. Normally a company discontinuing a product is not major news, but TAP is an important enzyme for RNA biology work and EpiCentre was the only company making it in the world.

Product Focus

Outsource your plasmid DNA preps to tebu-bio!

You can outsource your plasmid preps and cloning to tebu-bio 's laboratories...
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An empirical approach to rRNA depletion for NGS..

Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) depletion is a must for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) studies to reduce the number of irrelevant reads. While Ribo-zero is the recognized gold standard for rRNA depletion, there are some experimental situations in which another approach is required.

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Budget friendly ORF!

GeneCopoeia OmicsLink™ expression-ready ORF cDNA clones contain only the protein-coding Open Reading Frame, without its natural 5' and 3' UTR-is.

Ready to express for in vivo and in vitro applications, these expression vectors allow you to save you time and money so that you can focus on your results and publish sooner!

Don't lose any more time on building your expression vectors!

Get a great deal on high quality antibodies...

Our special end of year discount offer is valid on all standard-size primary antibodies by GeneTex. And with over 46 000 in all, you'll be sure to find yours!

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Genome-Editing by Mail

Due to the development of CRISPR and TALEN technologies, the field of genome editing is evolving rapidly. This post highlights the natural evolution of these technologies leading to the outsourcing of gene editing to skilled service providers.. › Read more...

Technical Corner

Some tips to prevent adapter dimer formation during NGS library prep...

In a poster presented at the recent ASHG 2014 meeting in San Diego, researchers from TriLink Biotechnologies described their innovative technology solving the adapter dimer problem in Next Generation Sequencing library prep.... › Read more...

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