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December 2014

News Highlight

A wide variety of well-characterized human primary cells and blood components...

...derived from an assortment of tissues, from both healthy and diseased donors. Controlled procedures and collection sites within a formal quality system, with GMP-compliant, validated procedures and equipment and GTP-compliant donor screening and tracking allow you to attain increased experimental consistency due to predictable high yield cell collections.


Do-it-yourself solutions for isolating primary cells

The first standardized system to isolate and culture primary cells from mammalian tissues, PrimaCell™ comes complete with all the materials and the protocols to allow you to isolate primary cells from a given tissue type.


Get rid of fibroblastic and contamined cells... with 10% discount!

The fibroblast growth control system FibrOut™, developed by CHI Scientific, is a proprietary combination of several biochemical compounds, antibodies or specialty reagents, which prevent overgrowth of fibroblastic or contaminating cells, effectively increasing the yield of target cells. Each fibroblast growth inhibitory system is customized to be tissue-specific and cell-specific.

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Special offer on Bone Marrow CD34+ Stem Cells...

CD34+ stem cells are now commonly used clinically as they have been shown to provide long term durable donor-derived host lymphohematopoietic reconstitution. On average, the purity of these CD34+ cells (by HemaCare) is greater than 90%, confirmed by flow cytometric analysis. They are collected from healthy human volunteer donors under IRB approved informed consent, and are available in fresh or cryopreserved format.

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DNA-In™ Neuro Transfection Reagent...
Your neurons will forget Lipofectamine!

DNA-In™ Neuro is a new generation transfection reagent developed specifically for maximum nucleic acid delivery into neurons, typically achieving a 2-fold or greater improvement in efficiency over the top competitor reagents. DNA-In™ Neuro Transfection Reagent reproducibly transfects neurons and neural stem cells at optimal efficiency with exceptionally low toxicity to support uncompromised post-transfection assays. › Read more...

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Technical Corner

Jean-François gives you some tips for optimizing your cell culture conditions with hydrogels...

“In order to engineer a custom culture system with HyStem, simple pilot studies or optimization assays can be tested to determine the appropriate parameters for each experiment. Below are some tips and guidelines for optimizing basic variables that can have a significant impact on the hydrogel properties and overall cell culture conditions..."
›

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