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October 2014

News Highlight

A new, powerful way to study cancer properties

tebu-bio now brings you GeneCopoeia's recently introduced pre-made cancer cell lines. GFP-labeled or dual-labeled with luciferase & GFP, they're ideal for monitoring tumor growth, progression and metastasis in vivo, in response to a variety of environmental stimuli, drugs and other therapeutic treatments.

New 3D-gene® miRNA and mRNA expression profiling service

Recently, tebu-bio and Toray reached an agreement for miRNA and mRNA profiling lab services. Already a recognised European service provider in genomics, proteomics and cell-based assays, tebu-bio now brings researchers across Europe access to Toray's 3D-Gene® microRNA and mRNA technology profiling services.

Product Focus

Activation of RhoA, Rac1 and Cdc42 - New G-LISA Trial Kits

In the past, the activation of small G proteins (i.e. the transformation of the GDP-bound form to the GTP-bound form) could only be measured in pull-down assays.
With the G-LISA technology by Cytoskeleton Inc., it's now possible to run an ELISA-like activation assay.
Fast, highly sensitive, accurate, from only a small amount of material... and now in trial sizes to see it for yourself!

Lympholyte® Separation Media

High quality isolation of lymphocytes is a key step in many in vitro research programs covering immunology, infectious diseases and oncology.
In this post, we take a look at unique lymphocyte separation media.


Tubulin proteins, kits & reagents

The purest, most biologically active and relevant tubulin proteins & user-friendly kits are on special offer this month...

Cartilage biology and osteoarthritis

Check out the most popular growth factors selected by our experts...
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Current News

EndoG & ATM cell cycle checkpoint

In a recent publication, Gole B. and Baumann C. demonstrate the role of the apoptotic nuclease EndoG in Mixed-Lineage Leukemia breakpoint cluster region (MLLbcr) destabilisation leading to MLL gene rearrangements & leukemogenesis. Read more...

Synthetically lethal ATM or DNA-PKcs inhibitors

Albarakati et al. demonstrate in this recent paper, that BRCA1-BER deficient cells can be the target of a synthetic lethality approach by using ATM or DNA-PKcs inhibitors. Read more...

Technical Corner

How can you obtain ideal cell culture conditions?

Following on from a previous post in which he introduced HyStem® hydrogels to create optimal cell culture conditions, Jean-François shares some more advice for reaching and then fine-tuning the very best cell culture conditions.


Solutions for Genome Editing:
TALEN, CRISPR & Safe Harbor Integration

In this webinar, Ed Davis, Ph.D (Senior Application Scientist) will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each system, and provide information on GeneCopoeia's powerful suite of genome editing products and services.

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