Biomarker Discovery

March 2014

News Highlight

2 000+ fully validated ELISA kits

ELISA kits with pre-coated plates are now very robust and affordable. Our experts have selected ELISA kits from a variety of sources to measure cytokines, growth factors and signal transduction markers.
  • Quantify target protein levels in patient’s biological fluids, cell lysates and conditioned media
  • Validate profiling data issued from arrays
  • Discover new physiologic- and disease-related biomarkers

Human Type I IFN activity neutralization:
3 antibodies are better than 1!

Neutralizing IFN pathway activation in samples in inflammatory or infectious diseases is very challenging.

Two new polyclonal antibodies, anti-IFN-alpha and anti-IFN-beta, can now be used in conjunction with the anti-IFNAR2 (CD118) monoclonal (clone MMHAR-2) to fully neutralize multiple Human Type I IFNs in your samples for your inflammation and infectious disease studies.

Product Focus

5 HIF-1 partners in a Hypoxia Antibody Panel Kit

This unique Hypoxia Pathway Panel kit contains 6 different primary antibody samples (25 ul) guaranteed for the detection of HIF-1 alpha and related markers (HMOX-1, TWIST, ARD1A, NFkB p105/p50, and HIF-2 alpha).

Analyse 138 mTOR-pathway specific
protein phosphorylation sites at once

Robust antibody array technology to compare mTOR phosphorylation status of 2 samples, containing
high quality antibodies for studying 138 well-characterized mTOR specific phospho-markers such as:

  • AKT1(Ser124), AKT1(Ser246), BAD(Ser112), eIF4B(Ser422), ERK1(Tyr204), mTOR(Ser2448), mTOR(Thr2446), PPI3K-p85-a(Tyr607), PKC alpha (Tyr657), PPPAR-b(Thr1457), PPAR-g(Ser112), PTEN(Ser370), Rho/Rac GEF2(Ser885)…

Current News

Make human cancer gene qPCR profiling easy!

ExProfile™ Cancer Gene qPCR Arrays enable you to easily analyse the expression of a focused set of human genes, carefully chosen for their close cancer correlation (breast, brain, skin, prostate, pancreas...).

  • Simultaneous detection of mRNAs expressed at different levels
  • From as low as 4 copies of RNA

Anti FOXG1 for Neurogenesis & Neural Stem Cell Studies

  • Affinity purified rabbit polyclonal
  • Directed against the mouse FOXG1 C-terminal part
  • Specific for Human and Mouse FOXG1

Tax relief on R&D performed by tebu-bio's Laboratories

PrimaCell, new at tebu-biotebu-bio's accreditation for Research Tax Credit (CIR - Crédit d'Impôt sur la Recherche) has just been renewed for a further three years (2014, 2015 & 2016). Private French companies are able to apply for tax relief on their expenses for R&D performed by tebu-bio's own European laboratories based near Paris.


Detect cell proliferation with Ki-67 antibody

Ki-67 is an excellent marker to determine the growth fraction of a given cell population. This antibody is more and more often used to detect proliferation in cancer like breast and brain.

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Fluorescent secondaries by Rockland Inc.Spring deals: ideal time to try fluorescent products!

Explore our broad range of secondary fluorescent dye conjugates by Rockland Immunochemicals, and detect your target proteins in fluorescent WB, ELISA...

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Technical Corner

Philippe's tips for selecting the most appropriate CT-1 ELISA kit

Clinicians and Life scientists are more and more looking for reliable tools to measure and monitor CT-1 levels in samples from cohorts of patients with heart failures. In addition, such tools might also be easy to use and convenient for those running the assays at the bench.

ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) kits are ideal for CT-1 measurements in heart-related biomarker discovery [ Read more... ]

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