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November 2014

News Highlight

RayBiotech ELISA Kits - Largest Selection & 100% Guaranteed

tebu-bio's experts have chosen RayBiotech's ELISA kits for their high quality and characteristics. They are ideal for the quantitative measurement of biomarkers (cytokines, peptides, etc.) and validated for a variety of sample types from 11 different species. ISO-certified and rigorously tested, these ELISA kits are backed by a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee when running your tests in your lab and are also eligible for outsourcing activities in tebu-bio's laboratories!

Our laboratory is certified to do the work for you!


New Actin and Tubulin live-cell imaging stains - without transfection!

Because cytoskeletal research is crucial to improve your understanding of Cytoskeleton dynamics, we have selected new actin and tubulin fluorescent dyes: Spirochrome's SiR Actin and SiR Tubulin.

These 2 fluorescent stains enable convenient monitoring of actin and tubulin dynamics in living cells.


Get a great deal on high quality antibodies...

Our special end of year discount offer is valid on all standard-size primary antibodies by GeneTex. And with over 46 000 in all, you'll be sure to find yours!

It's time to take in some Antibody stock!

The best antibody to detect FOX transcription factors

FOX transcription factors are a “hot” topic in multiple research domains such as developmental biology, morphogenesis, oncology, metabolism disorders and stem cells. Accessing specialized sources of validated FOX antibodies will help you towards getting reliable experimental data and progressing in your research programs.

Select the most accurate primary antibody for analysing FOX expression!


Looking for an efficient miRNA profiling approach?
tebu-bio's 3D-Gene miRNA profiling service is just right for you!

Today, tebu-bio provides the fastest and the most affordable lab services for miRNA profiling. Based on unique microarray-based screening called 3D-gene, our 3D-Gene® miRNA profiling platform (technology by Toray) now makes miRNA biomarker discovery very convenient. › Read more...

HemaCare now available across Europe through tebu-bio

HemaCare is a leader in cell and tissue collection, processing and cell therapy, providing high-quality biological material derived from normal and mobilized peripheral blood, bone marrow and cord blood...
›

Technical Corner

Tumour microenvironment and kinome studies

Source: Rockland Immunochemicals Inc.

We all react to external factors, even the most cold-blooded person. We might hide our emotions, but there they are. The same happens in cancer. Cells (both the tumour cells and the normal ones) react to the environment in one direction or another. In this post, we will see how "kinome" analysis might help researchers towards better understanding of cellular interactions in tumour microenvironment (TME). › Read more...

Mark shares impressions about his latest meeting in Toulouse...

“Toulouse may be the mRNA translation capital of France” declared third keynote speaker Jerry Pelletier at the symposium organized by Yvan Martineau, Stéphane Pyronnet et Julie Guillermet-Guibert of the CRCT (Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie, Toulouse - France) within the beautiful and modern Oncopole... › Read more...

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