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Epigenetic histone modifications: a focus on writers

Epigenetic modifications target DNA and Histone proteins. In this review, we take a look at the role of Histone modifying enzymes (writers), the types of Histone modifications that are known, which might be candidates for drug discovery research programs...

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Immunotherapy Screening Pathways in Drug Discovery

Therapeutic manipulation of immunopathways has lead to promising clinical results for the treatment of a number of diseases such as cancer, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Research in this field is rapidly evolving as scientists seek to identify the next generation of therapies.


State of the art Ca2+ measurement

Get the ideal indicator for intracellular Ca2+ mobilization... Fluo-8!
This fluorescent dye is approximately twice as bright as Fluo-4 and four times brighter than Fluo-3. Cell loading can be conducted at room temperature, meaning under less harsh conditions than with Fluo-3 and Fluo-4 which require 37°C for optimal loading. Also, as especially HTS screening requires homogeneous assays, a no-wash protocol is available for Fluo-8.

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Proteasome inhibitor approved by the FDA for myeloma retreatment

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Velcade (Bortezomib) for the retreatment of adult patients with Multiple Myeloma who had previously responded to Velcade therapy and relapsed at least six months following completion of prior treatment.
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EndoG and ATM cell cycle checkpoint in Leukemogenesis

In a recent publication, Gole B. and Baumann C. demonstrate the role of the apoptotic nuclease EndoG in Mixed-Lineage Leukemia breakpoint cluster region (MLLbcr) destabilisation leading to MLL gene rearrangements and leukemogenesis.
In this study, various engineered stable knockdown cell lines were used as in vitro cellular models. Two of them are developed by
tebu-bio: SilenciX® HeLa/shATM and HeLa/shATR...

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Site specific modified histones...

Recombinant Histone proteins are popular research solutions in Drug discovery and Epigenetics studies. tebu-bio's experts put a focus on unlabeled and biotinylated Histone substrates from high quality sources: individual, full length, recombinant histone proteins: H1,H2a,H2b,H3 and H4...


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