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September 2014

News Highlight

Hypoxia Regulation Mechanisms

A new update of signalling pathways related to hypoxia, and how this affects vital physiological and disease events: angiogenesis, metabolism, tumor metastasis, cell cycle...

Our experts also suggest a selection of relevant antibodies for your hypoxia-related studies.

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Product Focus

The best tool to isolate viable lymphocytes!

LympholyteŽ cell separation centrifugation media has been specifically designed for the isolation of viable lymphocytes from lymphoid organs by removal of red and dead cells.


House Secondary

Are you a Game of Clones fan?
This month, choose from a selection of high quality Chicken, Goat, Monkey, Mouse & Rabbit secondary antibodies by Rockland Inc. with our special offer...

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Boost your Actin based research!

Explore a wide range of highly pure and biologically active actin proteins, actin binding proteins, and research Biochem Kits for in vivo and in vitro cytoskeletal research and drug screening.

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Current News

RhoA/ROCK and F-actin modeling involved in Insulin secretion

Liu X. et al. demonstrate, in a mouse model, that RhoA/ROCK signaling pathway modulates insulin secretion of 3D cultured islet pancreatic ß-cells. This modulation is made through the regulation of Connexin 36.
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Technical Corner

Actin Visualization Techniques

Experts from Cytoskeleton Inc. will present the best tools to measure localization levels, polymerization, and binding of actin using purified actin proteins as well as actin from cell or tissue lysates.
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Who wouldn't want to raise WB efficiency?

Two easy, well known tactics, but which need to be kept in mind and... regularly put into practice!
Here's some sound advice from tebu-bio's and Rockland Immunochemicals' experts, to always get the best results for your Western Blots. [Read more...]

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