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January 2018



In the field of Drug Development, 3D cell culture models such as spheroids or organoids currently appear as one of the best solutions to obtain accurate and physiological in vitro data, closest to what occurs in the human body.
These models are the perfect intermediary between "less realistic" classical in vitro static screening well plates, and animal models which, although more relevant, are much more complicated to set up and are time-consuming.

Discover realistic & dynamic in vitro models
Validated 3D Tissue models

tebu-bio has just been appointed by RayBiotech as one of the 3 companies worldwide to perform contract research on their recently developed high density human, mouse or rat microarrays, which are an excellent choice to†seek biomarkers with the broadest range of analytes on the market (1000 for human, 200 for mouse and 67 for rat).

Profile 200 protein biomarkers for 280 Euros per sample
High density microarray services
Product Focus
Nucleosomes with native structure

There is a growing interest in manipulating chromatin dynamics for applications in cell signalling, drug discovery and chromatin research. Progress in this area requires the identification of design rules for the chromatin system. EpiCypher has pioneered the manufacture of nucleosomes for next generation epigenetic research and drug discovery, producing the highest quality nucleosomes available... [ Learn more... ]

SiR-DNA for Live Cell Imaging

SiR-DNA is currently one of the best options to label DNA. The number of publications citing the SiR probes is constantly growing. Easy to use and compatible with all fluorescent microscopes and super-resolution microscopy, they can also be used for dual colour imaging. SiR-DNA has been shown to work with a number of mammalian cell types as well as in organism imaging of Drosophila.† [ Learn more... ]

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Visualise actin in cells
Use actin probes in fixed cells
(Acti-stain fluorescent phalloidins)
to visualise cytoskeleton details.
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MEF feeder cells by tebu-bio for 19 euros per vial
Ideal for your feeder-dependent Embryonic Stem cells and induced Pluripotent Stem cell culture.
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Technical Corner

There are many, many ELISA tests out there to choose from, and making the best selection can sometimes be a bit daunting. In this post, letís take a look at the main things keep in mind.

5 key points to get the best ELISA
How do you choose the best ELISA for your project?

If you work in Biology, youíve most certainly heard of HeLa cells, as they've been around for over 60 years and are some of the most extensively used cell lines in Life Sciences research. But where did they come from, and...

What's different about HeLa cells?
HeLa Cells - where did they come from
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