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News Highlight

 Highly efficient gene-specific expression systems

Access the broadest offer of Expression vectors, covering a wide range of uses and applications (FUGE, r-protein production, silencing...)

  • Whole human ORF cDNA, expression ready
  • Adeno-Associated Viruses (AAV)
  • NIH approved Adenovirus repository 

 Functional Human Cardiomyocytes

Cardiomyocytes are popular cellular models for drug discovery purposes, but also for toxicity testing, safety assessment as well as stem cell studies and biomarker analysis.

tebu-bio provides you easy access to characterised and functional cardiomyocytes...


 Regular supply of Human Islets

Primary Human Islets for Research (HIR)™ are processed from organ donor pancreases (approved for research but not for clinical transplantation), which are unique cellular tools for diabetes studies.

Our experts regularly notify our customers about new characterised batch availibility.