Clean and low input small RNA-seq library

Trilink Biotechnologies, the modified nucleic acide experts, have developped the CleanTag technology and they have integrated it into a Small-RNA library preparation kit to ensure the quality of the complete workflow until sequencing. Based on modified adaptors that highly reduce dimer formation, CleanTag technology is available in a convenient and easy-to-use kit compatible with Illumina sequencing.

CleanTag technology by TriLink at tebu-bio
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CleanCap - the new era for mRNA capping

CleanCap technology - the new era for mRNA capping

Capping is a required protection in 5' of the mRNA that is necessary for biological activity and stability into the cells. There are already several methods of capping using mCap, ARCA or enzymatic methods. Unfortunately, they are limited in efficiency (such as mCap and ARCA), and can be costly (such as the enzymatic methods). Trilink Biotechnologies, the modified nucleic acid experts, have developped a new, far more efficient technology called CleanCap available in Europe via tebu-bio. [ Read more ]

Next generation tool box in epigenetic cell signalling

Next generation tool box in epigenetic cell signaling

There is a growing interest in manipulating chromatin dynamics for applications in cell signalling, drug discovery and chromatin research. Progress in this area requires the identification of design rules for the chromatin system. EpiCypher has pioneered the manufacture of nucleosomes for next generation epigenetic research and drug discovery, producing the highest quality nucleosomes available. [ Read more ]


Stable CAS9 expressing cell lines

Shen et al (Nature Methods, 2017) explore and identify synthetic interactions among 73 cancer-associated genes. To perform their loss of function screen they combined CAS9-expressing cell lines with a sgRNA library of high titer lentiviral particles. Most of these gene interactions were subsequently validated by drug treatment.
We can distinguish 2 methods for CRISPR sgRNA screening... [ Read more ]

Stable CAS9 expressing Cell lines
Innate Immune focused approaches to maximize messnenger RNA therapeutic activity

Messenger RNAs - a promising class of new therapeutic biologics

You might like to download this poster, presented by Trilink (renowned modified nucleic acid experts) at the Keystone symposia "Pattern Recognition Signaling: From Innate Immunity to Inflammatory Disease". They share results on how to optimize messenger RNA for therapeutic activity... [ Read more... ]


Tips to optimise your recombinant protein production and purification

Optimise your recombinant protein production and protein purification

Decidedly, producing and purifying a protein is a form of art. Indeed, each recombinant protein (rec. protein) to be produced in vitro has specific characteristics and singularities that make its production and purification most definitely challenging. In this post, I'd like to share and review a few tips and basics for optimal design of experiment when producing functional recombinant proteins and working on protein purification.. [ Read more... ]

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