Six new reporter cell lines for
Immune checkpoint drug discovery

PD-1:PD:-L1 immune checkpoint pathway targeting immunotherapies have shown great potential for many cancer patients. BPS Bioscience have engineered 6 cellular lines, turning them into cell-based reporter assays for Human Immune Checkpoint research.

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6 new reporter cell lines for immune checkpoint discovery
Hit and run cell based therapy research with Trilink mRNA

Hit and run cell based therapy with Trilink mRNA

This summer, Moffett et al published in Nature Communications (doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-00505-8) a new approach for cancer therapeutic research and development based on mRNA delivery. They call it 'Hit-and-run programming' because of the simplicity of the method. Optimization of the delivery was performed with eGFP mRNA, they showed that mRNA delivery into cells can be simple and efficient thanks to nanocarriers.

Delivery mRNA into cells with simplicity


ELISA Test to conifrm elimination of HCP from bioproductions

Monitor contaminant (HCP) removal in Expression systems

CHO, E. Coli and Pichia are useful expression systems for drug production, whether for proteins, enzymes or antibody production. Such expression systems contain +1000 host cell proteins (HCPs). In order to monitor removal efficiency (during protein purification, as mentioned further on in this article), Canopy Biosciences have developed and optimised HCP detection kits based on the principle of the sandwich ELISA test... [ Read more ]

HyNic-4FB chemistry for antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs)

The principle is to link a drug, that can be cytotoxic, to an antibody able to target cancer cells. Unfortunately, the development of ADCs faces some difficulties. Indeed, depending on the method for the conjugation, the ADC can be highly heterogenous. Recent improvements enable combining the S-4FB to HyNic-biomolecules. The conjugation is simple, rapid and stable. [ Read more ]

HyNic-4FB chemistry for ADC


High purity and high quality compound libraries

Over 45 high purity, high quality Compound Libraries

Discover the broad selection of Inhibitors of Signaling Pathways and Compound Libraries by TargetMol.

These attractively priced libraries include detailed compound information with structure, target, activity, IC50 value, and are NMR and HPLC validated to ensure high purity and quality.
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How can you improve your reporter gene assays

How can you improve your reporter gene assays?

Gene reporter assays are widely used in research and Drug Discovery. The development of such cell lines is often time-consuming and costly, sometimes upwards of 5-20k € per cell line. And once these cell lines are finally validated, why jeopardize your results with cheap and low-end detection kits? BPS Bioscience has developed two reliable and extremely powerful luciferase detection kits... [ Read more... ]

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