Pluripotent Stem Cells for improved reprogrammed Human Sebocytes

Following the start of our recent collaboration with Phenocell, we’re pleased to be able to provide high quality Sebocytes developed from Human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). Thanks to a perfectly standardized reprogramming protocol, they display lower batch to batch variability, allowing better reproducibility and accuracy of your experimental results.

Pluripotent Stem Cells for improved reprogrammed Human Sebocytes
Access a sustainable source of Skin cells from perfectly characterised iPSC
3D cell culture spheroids from your own cell lines

Spheroids from your own cell lines

tebu-bio's 3D cell culture lab services enable you to obtain more relevant and biologically accurate experimental data.

Take a look at the experimental results obtained by Dora Sabino PhD (tebu-bio labs) on HCT-116 spheroids with Paclitaxel, and HepG2 spheroids with Staurosporine.

Obtain healthy or diseased spheroid models - fully customisable


CHIR99021 - most selective inhibitor of GSK-3 beta 

  • Does not exhibit cross-reactivity against cyclin-dependant kinases (CDKs)
  • Shows 350-fold selectivity toward GSK-3β compared to CSKs
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CHIR99021 GSK-3 beta inhibitor
New CF-1 MEF Mitomycin-C treated feeder cells

New CF-1 MEF Mitomycin-C treated Feeder Cells

Our new Mouse Embryonic Fibroblast (MEF) feeder cells are ideal for your feeder-dependent Embryonic Stem cells (ES) and induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) cell culture.

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Ajinomoto, the recognised amino-acid experts, are launching a new Xeno-free defined medium for Human Embryonic Stem cell and induced Pluripotent Stem cell (iPSC) culture.
Co-developed with S. Yamanaka (Nobel prize in 2012), StemFit Basic02 has a defined amino-acid composition. Already widely used and cited in top-ranking publications, it has also been third-party validated by Catapult Cell and Gene Therapy (click on "read more" below for references and to download the results).

In this article, Isabelle looks at the benefits of StemFit Basic02, with examples for weekend-free culture, and how to easily transition from your current media. [ Read more ]

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