June 2017

Innovative hepatocyte cryopreservation method with CryostaX®

Recently patented by Sekisui Xenotech, CryostaX® are the only single-freeze pooled hepatocyte products available in the industry.

Single-freeze preparation minimises cryoinjury, promoting high viability, cell yield and enzymatic activity for long-term consistent results. CryostaX® hepatocyte pellets can be selected individually, or combined from over 200 donors based on the required specific enzyme activites: assured minimum yield, pool size, donor BMI, disease state...

Discover the full characteristics of Cryostax®

New range of Pig P450s Bactosomes

Discover 4 newly released pig Bacterial membranes contain the pig cytochrome P450s CYP1A2 (CYP452), CYP2C49 (CYP451), CYP2E1 (CYP454); CYP3A39 (CYP453), each co-expressed with pig NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase.

Bactosomes demonstrate excellent batch-to-batch consistency and robust activity levels, and are characterised for linearity with time and CYP concentration, Km and Vmax.

See characterisation examples obtained

Fast and easy metabolite production

Metabolite characterization can be a lengthy process making your in vitro drug testing time consuming and expensive. Whether you are working on phase I or phase II metabolic enzymatic reactions, these BMO kits can help you speed up this characterisation process.

Phase I BMO Metabolism kit and Phase II reaction O-Glucuronidation kit

tebu-bio at the 14th ISSX Meeting14th European ISSX Meeting - June 2017 
26 - 29 June - Gürzenich - Cologne - Germany

ISSX 2017 - Genomembran Guinomi Cocktail partyGenomembrane and tebu-bio look forward to welcoming you at their seminar & cocktail party on June 27th (19:00), at the Ratstube, Gürzenich Cologne.
Drop by tebu-bio's booth (505) or Genomembrane (502) to learn more!

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