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  1 800+ guaranteed active proteins

Select your fully active proteins to further analyse druggable targets among our selection of over 41 000 recombinant or purified proteins: 
  • Methyltransferases, Histone Deacetylases, MMPs, Isopeptidases, Kinases, Phosphatases... 
  • Filter by protein class, biological activity, host,
    target species...

 Rapid & scaleable analysis of effector proteins for Epigenetics

Use the EpiGold™ Histone Peptide array for rapid, quantitative HTS of effector proteins, antibodies or enzyme interactions with a comprehensive library of histone peptides involved in Epigenetics and gene regulation.

Product Focus

  Functional Human Cardiomyocytes

Cardiomyocytes are popular cellular models for drug discovery purposes. 

Access to ready-to-use functional Human Cardiomyocytes and Cardiac cell differentiation media is essential for cell-based assays.

  Get the Z-Factor with the Oris™ PRO Cell Migration Assay

Increase productivity of your High Content Screening & Imaging experiments in less time, whilst maintaining full access to live cells, cell morphology and movement through real-time analysis.