Simple and effective CRISPR CAS9 gene editing for primary cells

Simple and effective CRISPR CAS9 gene editing
for primary cells

This year, CAS9 has been the focus of Matthew H. Porteus' research team. Several modifications were tried and compared as show on the figure in this article. Their work reveals that the top choice is a CAS9 mRNA that is U-depleted and modified with 5-methoxyuridine (5MoU). It is even far better than using CAS9 protein, through CAS9 RNP complex.

Discover vector-free CRISPR-CAS9 gene editing

Monitor your cellular events by Fluorescent Microscopy

Live Cell Imaging has transformed the way biologists study cellular functions and processes. The observation of dynamic changes provides more insight into the processes happening in a cell, as compared to imaging studies of fixed cells. Goryo Chemical have developed a broad range of innovative Live Cell Imaging fluorescent probes for various applications.

Live Cell Imaging - Monitor your cellular events by Fluorescent Microscopy
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Validated antibodies for Breast Cancer Research

Popular, validated primary antibodies for Breast Cancer research and biomarker discovery

Use of validated antibodies is primordial for any form of research and biomarker discovery. Here, we review the main biomarkers involved in Breast Cancer, and introduce the most popular validated primary antibodies used by scientists in this area, together with their validated applications. [ Read more ]


Six new reporter cell lines for
Immune checkpoint drug discovery

PD-1:PD:-L1 immune checkpoint pathway targeting immunotherapies have shown great potential for many cancer patients. BPS Bioscience have engineered 6 cellular lines, turning them into cell-based reporter assays for Human Immune Checkpoint research... [ Read more ]

6 new reporter cell lines for immune checkpoint discovery
ChromaLink - how to biotinylate with reproducible results

ChromaLink - how to biotinylate with reproducible results

Biomolecule conjugation is critical to many applications such as bead-based assays, ELISA and chromatography by affinity. Unfortunately classical methods are well-known to be laborious and show low efficiency. Trilink Biotechnologies has come up with an innovative chromophore-linker-based conjugation chemistry called ChromaLink. [ Read more... ]


Free Epitope Tag sample antibody

Order one of these high quality Red Fluorescent Protein (RFP) antibodies and receive a free Epitope Tag Sample antibody.

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15% discount off Tubulin products

Purest, most biological active and relevant tubulin proteins, kits and reagents from bacteria, pig, sheep and human cancer cell origin and many more.

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Tips to optimise your recombinant protein production and purification

Optimise your recombinant protein production and protein purification

Decidedly, producing and purifying a protein is a form of art. Indeed, each recombinant protein (rec. protein) to be produced in vitro has specific characteristics and singularities that make its production and purification most definitely challenging. In this post, I'd like to share and review a few tips and basics for optimal design of experiment when producing functional recombinant proteins and working on protein purification.. [ Read more... ]

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